It Takes a Village: Music Teachers

Music lesson in Enschede (Muziekschool)
Music lesson in Enschede (Muziekschool) (Photo credit: Johan Koolwaaij)

When someone says they’ve accomplished everything in life with no help  they must have a short memory.  It takes a village to raise a child and keep adults on track.  This is a tribute to some of the people in my village.

Music teachers have played an important part in my life.   Mrs. Partridge was my violin teacher in grade school and Junior High.  She saw potential in me I didn’t see in myself and showed me the doors music can open.

Mr. Starr, my college violin teacher, modeled the importance of integrity and values as well as a great love of music.   The music department became a refuge for me.

Music feeds the soul and gives us an outlet for expressing emotion.  It can become a social activity if we join a musical group and playing music is just plain fun.

A great big THANK YOU to all the music teachers teaching notes and technique while building character and  spreading the love of music,  May the music go on and on and on…

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