Limited Thinking Limits Ability

Handicapped Painter - Bangalore - india - naje...
Handicapped Painter – Bangalore – india – (Photo credit: najeebkhan2009)

I may have mentioned I have worked with individuals with disabilities.  The last time was in middle management, supervising staff and providing case management for clients.

There were so many times staff members had decided someone could not do or  learn to do a certain task, when in reality they could do the task, just in a different way.  Learning to use the telephone does not require the ability to read.  Putting on one’s own shoes does not require being able to tie shoelaces if you wear shoes with Velcro, slip-ons or even cowboy boots.   Not being able to see that being “disabled” is often simply being “differently abled” was putting unnecessary limitations on people.

How many times do we decide we can’t do something when we really need to be looking for a different way to do it?

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  1. To answer your question; it happens several times in the coarse of my week! (learn something new every day) Your post helps illustrate how all individuals “see” things differently. excellent post!

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