A Gift of Eagles

Yesterday we went to one of favorite nature spots, an old railroad bridge converted to a pedestrian bridge over the Platte River.  This is one of those hidden gems you have to know about or discover by accident.  It had been awhile since we had been there last and on this day we were there alone with God, His creation.

As we walked toward the end of the bridge I noticed two large birds sitting in a tree.  We stood watching and hoping the birds would fly so we could tell better what they were.  But they just sat there.  We were getting ready to move on when I saw an eagle circling in the sky.  Then there was another, and another, moving in and out of our sight.  Then one drew close, circled the tree and landed.  After awhile another and then another landed in the tree making five eagles in the tree.

We finally turned around to walk back down the bridge to the path to our car.  About halfway across the bridge there were eagles lined up on the railing on both sides of the bridge.  At first I was a little uneasy, feeling like we were about to walk the gauntlet, but as we continued to walk the most amazing thing happened.  As we approached each bird they left the railing, circled over the bridge and landed on a sand bar in the river.  After we got back home Bob said it looked like a very intentional ceremony, and it did.

We had never seen eagles at that location before.  You could say this was just a coincidence, a chance encounter, but we see it as a gift from God.  Unfortunately I forgot the camera so there are no photos, but we have memories that will be with us the rest of our lives.  Thank you God!

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6 thoughts on “A Gift of Eagles

  1. It’s the simplest thinks in life that give us the most pleasure. Nothing beats being out in nature, God”s creation, so love my walks along the stunningly beautiful beaches here. Thanks for sharing
    Kind regards
    Think right, live right


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