Food for the Road

Close-up of fruit salad
Close-up of fruit salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One lesson we  learned the hard way is the importance of traveling with healthy food.  When traveling by car we carry an ice chest with food for meals for the trip as well as snacks.

We take salad on road trips to help keep us eating healthy.  Sometimes I take the ingredients and mixed them up when we stop to eat, but I also like to use “salad shakers.”   An individual portion of salad goes in the clear plastic cup. The dressing is put in the lid and the cap snapped in place. When you are ready to eat simply press down on the button on the top of the lid which forces the cap off the dressing reservoir allowing the dressing to run down over the salad. Then you shake the dickens out of the container which distributes the dressing over the salad. Be sure the lid is on tight before shaking if you don’t want salad flying everywhere.

Next time you travel by car be sure your travel food is healthy.   Include things like fresh fruit and vegetables and try a salad.

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  1. Good idea! We do the same thing (salad, fruit, healthy snacks, etc.) just without the shakers. Nothing more refreshing after eight hours in the car than a juicy apple and cool water 🙂

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