Don’t Overcook the Cabbage

Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St. Patrick, known in the U.S. as Saint Patrick’s Day. Many Americans will celebrate with corned beef and cabbage. Bob and I enjoy cabbage throughout the year. I realize many people do not. If this is the case for you, then perhaps your cabbage has been overcooked.

I remember growing up cabbage was cooked so long and the odor became so strong it would peel the paint off the walls :). The taste was strong and not pleasant. It was not until many years later when I learned about steaming cabbage that I also learned to enjoy it.

Cut your cabbage into wedges (I usually go for quarters) and remove the core. Steam using a steamer basket or a covered skillet with a small amount of water until you can can insert a sharp knife into the wedge with only slight resistance. I remove the leaves one at a time and eat them with a little spray margarine or lemon juice and a sprinkle of lemon pepper.

Don’t forget cabbage when looking to get more variety in your vegetables. Raw cabbage makes a great salad and cabbage is also a nice addition to soup. But the one thing to remember is don’t overcook it!

7 thoughts on “Don’t Overcook the Cabbage”

  1. Great post, and thank you for the DIY, Tips, and other info. I like making Cold Slaw also with Cabbage. Instead of Corn beef I add Chicken, or Turkey to my Cabbage. Be Blessed, and Have a Blessed St Patrick’s Day.

    1. Thank you for the comment. The grocery store only had huge heads of cabbage yesterday, but I went ahead a bought one since it was only 19 cents a pound. We will probably be having slaw, soup and a few other things awhile after St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

  2. Being an Australian (of Irish origin) a St Pat’s Day meal is traditionally an Irish Stew (made with mutton). I have horrible memories of overcooked cabbage from my child hood, when my mother (god rest her soul) literally boiled it to death!
    Luckily Asian cooking saved me from repeating the cycle and I found my children LOVED a lightly stir fried and steamed dish of shredded(green) cabbage; shredded celery; diced red capsicum and grated carrot. Tasty, crisp texture and a good balance of vegetables. Ok! Not something I would serve with Irish stew….there I serve onions, potatoes, carrots and either cabbage (lightly steamed) or brussel sprouts.

    Happy St Patrick’s day to you

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