It’s National Deviled Egg Day!

There are many different ways of making deviled eggs and people have definite personal preferences.  At my house the filling is moist (I use an olive oil based mayo), tart (we add vinegar) and bright yellow (lots of mustard). 

Our garnish of choice is paprika sprinkled over the top.  Your preference might be sliced olive, pickle or something else.  I like to use deviled eggs (and potato salad) as examples of how our thoughts, ideas and preferences are influenced by family and the community where we live.

What are deviled eggs like in your world?What about your deviled egg recipe makes it “just right” no matter what anyone else says?  Let’s talk!

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8 thoughts on “It’s National Deviled Egg Day!

  1. We always eat deviled eggs. The first time I made them I thought my mom put “seasoned salt” on them so I sprinkled it on the eggs and my mom asked what I did to them because they had a zip to them, so I told her and we had a good laugh when she told me she puts paprika on them!! Every now and then I use season salt when I want a zip, but mostly we use paprika. I like to garnish mine is chopped green onion and a slice of olive. It would be interesting to see how everyone makes them. Mom never made them till she moved here to the states, so I don’t think they were common in Germany – they might now, but not when she first married my dad. He was the one who taught her how to make them.


    1. The seasoned salt sounds good. It amazes me the different ways there are to make deviled eggs. Many years ago I worked in the salad department of a restaurant. Their recipe was basically the regional recipe my family uses (only much bigger) but we were only allowed to garnish with thin slices of green olive or sweet pickle. The chopped green onion sounds good.


      1. so does the sweet pickle, I never thought of that. Will try it the next time I make them.


    1. I really don’t know. I was going to say it was probably an American thing, but apparently they also make them in Australia. I do know that in the U.S. the recipe seems to vary greatly from family to family and region to region. Now you’ve got me curious. Might have to do a little research. Thanks for your question.


  2. Haven’t made them in years but one of my sisters makes them for every family gathering. It’s a nostalgic comfort food that takes us back to our childhood. A little brown mustard gives them an extra zing to spice things up a bit.


    1. They’re a comfort food for us too. I no longer eat eggs, but I try to make them at least once a year for Bob. He was surprised when he discovered I had what he thought was a “secret family recipe.”


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