The Taste of Real Food

A simple garden salad
A simple garden salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It amazes me how good fresh, natural food tastes. What compares to a fresh strawberry, or a luscious juicy peach trickling juice down your arm?  Even a fresh, crisp garden salad has a wonderful taste and crunch all it’s own.

While eating a lettuce wrap I noticed the flavors of the meat, tomato, even the condiments.  I don’t remember being able to taste individual flavors of a sandwich on a bun or sliced bread.

Why do we dull our senses with processed food full of additives and preservatives? If it’s been awhile since you have eaten “real food” give it a try. You won’t go back.

4 thoughts on “The Taste of Real Food”

  1. Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have renewed my passion for “real food”. Growing up that is basically all we ate and like everyone else I got out of the habit of eating good food. I eat lots of wraps with cheese and lettuce – very satisfying! Today I felt “hungry” for potatoes chips and instead opted for some sliced cucumber instead, and not only was it better for me it, it was cool, crisp and refreshing after working outside. Just a few sliced cucumbers and I am satisfied – I could probably eat a bag of chips and not feel this good. 😉 And you are right, I have had very little if any desire to go back to the old way of eating. I think I am going to grab me another cucumber…. Blessings – Patty

    1. I always thought I ate healthy, but when health issues forced me to remove even more processed food from my diet at first I was wondering what would be left for me to eat. Now I am amazed by what I had been missing. And as you said how good I feel.

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