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Celebrating the Small Things: Grocery Shopping at 4 AM

126/365: Late night shopping
126/365: Late night shopping (Photo credit: riekhavoc (caught up?))

One of the good things about being retired is having more control over our schedule.  So if we want to go to the large 24 hour bag your own grocery store at 4AM, why not?

This is not my regular store, but they have a few things I can’t find anywhere else.  During the day, the store is busy and often difficult to navigate.  But at night… it is our own private store.

The drive to the store was quiet and peaceful.  We live in a city, but not a 24 hour city.  Overnight the streets are often deserted.  Not having to face oncoming traffic meant I could drive in the dark.  The weather was cool.  After shopping we went to our favorite restaurant  (open at 5 AM) for breakfast.

Overall I do not enjoy shopping, so turning an unpleasant task into an enjoyable outing is something to celebrate.

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