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Healthy Living A to Z: P is for Portion Control

It is possible to eat too much, even eating healthy food. These are two tips for controlling portions I use.

Plate size can help control how much you eat. If your dinner plates are very large, try using a salad plate. You can still have a full plate, while consuming less. Remember meals still need to be balanced and at least half of your plate should be vegetables.

Have two instead of one. When I prepare certain foods I know we will always want two. When I make muffins, I make minis so we can still have two and eat the same amount as if we ate one. I also make my salmon patties smaller so Bob can have two. He never notices they are smaller.

How do these work? These little tricks fool the brain into thinking you are eating more than you actually are. When you are finished the brain can tell the body “that’s good, we’re done.” Of course there is a scientific explanation, but it’s not as much fun.