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Developing a More “Web Friendly” Artists Statement

A Little Blue Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins

During the process of trying to jump start my art career after a period of inactivity I am learning that things have changed, and that is an understatement.  So as I gear up to sell my work online as well as go out to my first local art show in several years I find myself scrambling to get up to speed.

One thing I decided I needed to do was update my artist statement and resume.  This is never a bad thing for an artist to have, but let’s face it an old style artist statement and resume can be a bit boring.  It can also be a bit difficult to write if you are an artist.  It’s a “business document” and we don’t exactly think that way.  I am also thinking it might not be the most “web friendly” way of getting yourself out there.  I’m not saying that these documents don’t have their place.  I’m sure art shows will continue to ask for these documents.  They may also still be used in hard copy promotional materials.  But for the internet it seems to me that we need something a bit more personal, interactive and loaded with pictures.  People have always been curious about artists.  They want to meet us and they want to feel like they know us.  This is emphasized even more in this age of social networking and marketing.

So I’ve been playing around with finding something that would be better for a blog or website.  I’m thinking portions of it could be used in online profiles and the like.  It is not quite finished yet.  I need a few more photos, but you will get the idea.  Please take a look and feel free to let me know what you think.  http://espirational.com/who-is-genie/

It you want to start a discussion on art business or artist’s statements in the comments section below, please feel free.