Listen to the Inner Light

“Listen to the inner light; it will guide you. Listen to the inner peace; it will feed you. Listen to the inner love; it will transform you.” —Sri Chinmoy

Living as Light

We are living in difficult times. We have been feeling helpless to change our circumstances and have reacted to that in different ways. Some people are fearful or have lost hope. Others want to save or change the world. Still others want to bring God’s judgement down on an evil world.

During this time Bob and I have continued to live a quiet life feeling protected by God. But I have to admit that I have sometimes felt that I should be doing something. When I seek guidance on what is mine to do I get the same response I have been getting since we moved to the lake seven years ago. Shine your light.

It has been hard for me to not get caught up in the outrage and moral indignation so present in the world right now. But I know if I do that I become a part of the problem, not the solution.

What matters during difficult times is how we live. This is the time to be getting ourselves centered and grounded. To live the presence of God in this world. Not to bring judgment or to destroy those we see as evildoers.

To change the world, we must first change ourselves. That is how real, substantial change happens. One person at a time. Each of us living as a kind, gentle, loving person, strong in our identity as a child of God, living life and using the gifts we have been given. Living in and as the light of God.

Join us this month as we focus on living as light.

What has been your greatest challenge during the time of pandemic and political and social unrest? Please feel to use this as a journal prompt or respond in the comment section below.

That Tricky Little Thing Called Balance

Genie’s Note: Over the years, healthy, balanced living has been a popular topic here at Espirational. I decided to look over past posts and found many just as relevant as when they were first posted. These words from 2017 are just as important as when they were first written.

It is difficult to maintain a sense of balance in a world filled with chaos.  The urgency of current events and the resulting upheaval throw us off kilter.  And we are bombarded with the stuff.

Turn on your computer and there are written words, images and videos designed to make you angry, fearful and throw you off balance, no matter what side of the political divide you find yourself on; or even if you try to stay out of the mess.

The key word here is designed.  Yes, this is all intentional.  People are easier to control in times of uncertainty and chaos.  If you have ever worked for a company where the rules were always changing and you were in constant fear of being written up or even fired, you have experienced “management by chaos.”

That is why it is so important to stay connected to the Divine, rooted and grounded in love and to develop a sense of balance.  Now if you have ever tried to walk a balance beam you know that perfect balance 100% of the time is not achievable.   Just as when we are on a balance beam, in life we lean one way then the other and sometimes we even fall off.

So how do we get to the point where we are on the beam more than we are on the ground?

  • Balance your body by eating healthy food.  Limit heavily processed food and sugar.  Move your body.  Throughout the day at least stand up and move around for a few minutes.
  • Balance your mind by saying no to fear.  This may mean turning off the TV or computer.  Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t believe everything you see or hear.  It may mean filling your mind with so much good that the bad stuff no longer has any room in your head whereby to controls you.
  • Balance you spirit by staying close to God.  Spend time in prayer and meditation.  Find time and space to be alone in nature.
  • Shine your light and continue to be in love with the Universe.
  • Be careful not to contribute to the chaos.  Think of living in balance in a world of chaos as the greatest act of rebellion we can commit.

The world is desperately in need of your light right now.  Don’t give in to the attempts to control you through chaos.  Stay rooted and grounded in love and keep working on staying on that balance beam.

What are some ways you try to stay in balance in a chaotic world? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section and let’s talk.

Prevention and Treatment of Disease

“The main weapons in the prevention and treatment of disease and human carelessness will probably always be food and exercise.” – Dr. Blake F. Donaldson

Health as a Practice

“The more we see health as a practice rather than as a problem to fix, the more we encourage the body’s natural potential to be healthy.” – Aarti Patel

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