Living as Light

We are living in difficult times. We have been feeling helpless to change our circumstances and have reacted to that in different ways. Some people are fearful or have lost hope. Others want to save or change the world. Still others want to bring God’s judgement down on an evil world. During this time BobContinue reading “Living as Light”

That Tricky Little Thing Called Balance

Genie’s Note: Over the years, healthy, balanced living has been a popular topic here at Espirational. I decided to look over past posts and found many just as relevant as when they were first posted. These words from 2017 are just as important as when they were first written. It is difficult to maintain aContinue reading “That Tricky Little Thing Called Balance”

Prevention and Treatment of Disease

“The main weapons in the prevention and treatment of disease and human carelessness will probably always be food and exercise.” – Dr. Blake F. Donaldson