New Year’s Eve

For many New Year’s Eve is a night to party. Alcohol, music and fireworks can be part of the celebration. Some may see it as one last night to go all out before the resolutions they are making for the new year kick in. For others the night is a time of reflection and contemplation.

I grew up with a New Year’s Eve Celebration that did not involve alcohol. It was what we used to call a “Watch Night Party” held at our church. It was a party that began at 9 PM and included lots of fun, games and food, until about 11:30. At that time we began moving into the Sanctuary to begin the New Year gathered on our knees at the front in prayer

Years ago, Bob and I would get up early on New Year’s Eve and drive across the city in the dark to be at Unity Church by 6 AM for the world peace mediation. A light breakfast followed.

We now gather with others remotely, but the tradition of beginning the year in some sort of prayer or reflection remains important to me. During the difficult times our world has been going through this is more important than ever. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

This is an older video, but I love the gentle way this song is performed.

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