The Friday Affirmation

I allow the Universe to work through me.

This is a pre-scheduled blog post that posted at 3 am. It is now just before six, but I wanted to add a personal note to today’s affirmation.

I am still learning to allow the Universe to work through me. The Universe doesn’t always set off fireworks to let us know what is ours to do. It often comes in gentle nudges that are easy to miss or ignore, but it is important that we listen and act as we are able.

As I read the affirmation this morning, I knew it was speaking to me. Last night I was going for one last walk. As I passed a friend’s house, I noticed something a little off. I kept walking but decided it was getting too dark and turned around. As I walked by the house again, I decided to stop and check. By listening to that nudge of Spirit and taking action I was able to support another neighbor who was already helping our friend.

Allowing is the important part of this affirmation. The Universe will use those who are open and will respond. I allow the Universe to work through me.

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