A Time of Awakening

I chose to use awakening as our theme for October in answer to the disparaging and degrading way the term “woke” is being used to describe and discredit individuals and groups of people. Whenever I see or hear that word, I know what is coming and shudder a bit.

Let me begin by saying that awakening is a process, and I’m not sure anyone arrives to a fully awakened state. Early experiences are sometimes powerful and awe inducing, so I think sometimes it can feel that we have arrived, or sometimes we are scared to death and afraid to move forward. But as we progress, we become aware that there is always more to learn. Awakening is a personal experience and is not meant to give us feelings of superiority, but greater understanding of life, Spirit and our connection to God and each other.

Awakening is not always glorious and blissful. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when there are no words to express how wonderful it is. Direct connection to the Divine is beyond explanation. But there will also be pain and suffering as you let go of old thoughts, feelings and beliefs that may be holding you back. For years, letting go of my identity as an American Baptist was a big struggle for me. I felt forced out of the denomination I grew up in and it took years to realize I had left all that behind and was moving on. In fact, now I know I was called by Spirit out of the church and my reluctance to let go caused much of my suffering.

Please join me this month as we explore awakening. Also please feel free to share your thoughts and awakening stories.

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