Standing Up

I try to stay away from posting things that are controversial or will cause angry responses. But the time has come to stop being silent and to speak up against the anger and violence (often in the name of religion) in this country.

I am not proud of being an American right now. I also do not want to call myself a “Christian.” Not that I am ashamed of the name of the Christ, but I am ashamed of what is being done by some who call themselves “Christians.”

I do not understand how anyone can be both “pro-life” and pro-gun. But to me being “pro-life” is more than being anti-abortion. How can we not be as outraged over the massacre of innocent children at school where they should be safe as many are over abortion? How can we have no consideration for of the quality of life of abused children, people with disabilities and those of advanced years? How can we look the other way as politicians have mocked those of us who are “different”? How have we become so comfortable as a nation with “assisted suicide?” How can we be so quick to judge those who have ethnic backgrounds and beliefs that are different than our own, often to the point of denying their right to be Americans?

I think it’s time to start re-reading the Gospels and consider what it means to follow Jesus. Jesus was not a conquering warrior, he was also not the “great exception.” He was the “great example” who came to teach us how to live on this earth.

I am extremely sad over the events of the last few days. More mass shootings, Facebook posts calling for the murder of a public figure (this one hit close to home for me as some of those posters were neighbors), and people who care more about their guns than their children.

As difficult and sad as these times are we must not give in to the hatred and violence, especially in the name of God. We must keep our tempers in check, but it is time to stand up.

God is light, God is love, God is all.

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