This Earth is Our Only Home

               “This Earth is our only home. Together, we must protect and cherish it.”           Ban Ki-moon

In December, just a few weeks before Christmas, large tree removing equipment rolled onto the property where we live.  They stayed for days removing trees, as many as 10 in one day.  It was devastating.  We live in a resort community, which means while residents own our mobile homes, we do not own the land they sit on.  The owners are within their legal “rights” to pretty much do whatever they want with their property.  

Many of the people here (in fact probably most) were in favor of this action.  However, I doubt they realize how this could impact our little community.  With many of the trees now gone will the birds many of us love to watch still come in their abundance as before?  What about the other wildlife?  Will this make the problem we already have with the erosion of our hillside even worse?

As humans we tend to think small, thinking only of ourselves and not seeing the bigger picture.  If trees continue to be removed and none planted, in time there will be no trees here or anywhere else on the planet.  Our lakeside resort has “wood” in its name because of the beautiful trees.  The trees are what drew us here.

But there is a bigger picture.  This is not just something that is happening in our little corner of Oklahoma. Deforestation is happening throughout the world in addition to other actions that are destructive to our planet.

Many Christians seem to see the creation story as a license to do whatever we want to and with the earth.   I see it as humankind being entrusted with a great gift that came with great responsibility.  We were created to walk with God as companions and tend the garden (care for the earth).  We all know how that turned out.

I believe there is still time to repent, turn from our evil ways, love and begin to rebuild this beautiful earth we were given as our home.  Many however believe it is too late, that we have reached the tipping point and the destruction of the earth is inevitable — ushering in the need for a “new earth” as predicted by the prophets.  

Even many Christians do not seem to be concerned about this.   I guess if you see this earth as only our temporary home and “heaven” as the ultimate escape plan what we do to this planet really doesn’t matter.

I try very hard to keep Espirational a positive place to inspire and encourage others.  But sometimes the hard issues have to be addressed.  

Our mother, the earth, is giving us a wake-up call through global climate change.  Will we listen, or will we continue the destruction?

Genie’s Note: I asked Bob for scripture references. He has also provided a few words from his own research to give us greater insight on this issue.

(REF:  CreationGenesis 1:1 & Genesis 2:8GardenersGenesis 2:15Cast Out–Genesis 3:1-24; Ownership–Psalm 24:1; Promised Destruction of those” who destroy the whole earth”  Jeremiah 51:25; “. . .  The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small – and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”– Revelation 11:17-19. [spec.: NIV].) 

While, in my book, I interpret these phrases politically, I also allow for the idea of environmental interpretation. This is a strong message to those raping the Earth. Important to understand in prophetic terms, the word “earth” is a synonym for the modern word “planet.” The word “Eden” was this planet’s name spiritually. Thus the phrase: “The Garden of Eden,” or “The Garden in Eden” found in literature. When we were “cast out” of Eden, it was the spiritual aspects of the planet, not the physical.

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