Using our Gifts

Each of us came into this world with unique gifts and abilities to shine the light of God and serve the greater good. But we don’t always see these as gifts do we?

I know that for me, one of my gifts has seemed more like a curse. I have chosen not to develop or use it, having seen it abused and used to manipulate people by members of my family. But I can tell you that trying to ignore or just plain refusing to develop or use a gift of God does not make it go away.

For many years I have received what I call “psychic distress calls” from people who are lost, in trouble, sick or even dying. Most of the time I have no idea who or where these are coming from and there is usually nothing I could have done anyway. Sometimes I wake up the next morning to learn that someone has died or turn on the news to learn of a disaster somewhere in the world.

When we moved to a commmunity where most of us are over 60 years of age it took on a whole new level of intensity. When I learned trying to just ignore it did not work and it was affecting my own health I learned to do energy clearing and surround myself with the white light of protection. Now when I get a distress call I pray, “I release and let go of that which is not mine or no longer serves me. I give the person this is coming from into the loving care of the Creator of the Universe.”

I continued to refuse to allow myself to be used by Spirit out of fear of abusing the gift, until one day I had terrible pain in my head and stomach. I knew it was not mine and when I released it the pain was gone, but only for a few minutes. It kept coming back over and over until it finally stopped.

In the middle of the night Callie cat woke me up. She had not been well for some time and I could tell she was very sick. I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket and held, rocked and spoke gently to her until she died in my arms. Bob looked at me and said, “I guess we know where the distress call was coming from.”

Callie’s death was a wakeup call to me to stop trying to deny my gift. It is time to trust that Spirit will teach me to use it to help and not to abuse or control others.

I am finally learning that gifts from the Universe are not returnable. If we refuse to develop them they will pursue us until we give up and let the Universe have it’s way.

How have you learned (or are still learning) to use your gifts to shine the light of God and serve the higher good?

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