An opportunity to correct our vision

Image Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

Have you heard people calling 2020 a “lost” year or “the year that wasn’t?” Do you believe that?

We had high hopes for this year didn’t we? Perhaps higher than normal. After all this is 2020 the year of clear vision. And that is exactly what we are getting. Not in the way we expected, but it is happening.

On the physical level with pollution levels down in cities sights are being seen that have not been visible for years. Here at the lake we are seeing the return of birds that have not been here for several years. Being at home many families are spending more time together and seeing each other in a new light. People are beginning to awaken spiritually. Here in the US, blinders are coming off as the divisions in our country and crimes committed based on the victims race, nationality or creed are now painfully apparent.

So is this a lost year? Only if we make it so. This is the year of clear vision. We are finally seeing things we have been refusing to see.  We have the opportunity to correct our vision.  Will we act on what we are seeing?

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