Did We Do Something Wrong?

We had an extremely disappointing debut of Espirational Happenings on May 1st.  It appears that no one clicked on the link  and we need your help figuring out what went wrong.

Please read the following carefully, then we need you to take action.  Please click on the links in this article.   Go over to All Things Espirational and look around.  Then come back here and let us know by leaving a comment.

  • Are the links working?
  • What do you think of Espirational Happenings?
  • Did you have any trouble navigating the gallery?
  • What type of inspiration for daily living do you need?
  • Do you have any ideas to help get people involved in the Espirational Community?
  • Do we need to make this a secured membership site?

Now please read and follow the links.

Bob and I spent the winter and early spring months working very hard to expand and tie together the Espirational web presence.

So what does that mean?  Well it means we now have:

Espirational.comA 10 minute Vacation for the Soul where you are now.

Espirational.org — Espirational Faith, where Bob hangs out.

NEW!  Espirational.net  — All things Espirational, which ties everything together and serves as the home to:

  • NEW! Espirational Happenings — our monthly online newsletter in a blog post.  You will find links to espirational.com and .net as well as links to our favorite current blog posts and websites.  We are also building an events calendar, but that takes time and you can help.  We welcome your suggestions for articles for the Digest as well as information on free online events.
  • NEW!  The Espirational Art Gallery —  now you can see and buy my art.  Yes, you can now own an original work by Rogene Robbins!

Future Plans Include:

  • The Espirational Tool Kit which started out at Espirational.com will move to All Things Espirational in a new and improved version.
  • An Espirational Discussion Forum is in the planning stages.  We hope this will help facilitate communication with and among our readers.

We have some exciting events planned for the grand opening of All Things Espirational and the Espirational Gallery during the month of June.  But we need more people actively participating to be able to go forward with those plans.

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Promoting creativity, peace and a positive lifestyle, one thought at a time and having fun along the way.

18 thoughts on “Did We Do Something Wrong?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Good thing I went to check it out. Looks like the cookies banner is not closing when you click it. Will send that on to Bob. I’ve been running into that on other sites too and have been able able to work around it my scrolling down the page to move the button closer to the top of the screen — away from the banner. Try that and let me know.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome yes that’s right the cookies banner was obscuring the follow button when I was trying to follow your blog. I’m going to check mine too. I think the cookie button is always at the bottom but the follow button can be placed elsewhere on the blog.


      2. The European law just went into effect so there will probably be a few bugs to get worked out. Bob’s still working on it. Sunday is not the best day to get customer service issues resolved. The simplest resolution is probably to move the follow button as you suggested.

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  1. Hi, I am a bit behind with blogs as I have been working long hours. So does that mean this one is stopping and all will be on the new one? Will that come up then in my emails too or do I have to sign up separately, am I still following this then? Sometimes when people move I lose them and it doesn’t come up anymore.


    1. Thanks for the question Ute. The original Espirational.com and Bob’s Espirational Faith will continue as always, same time, same place. We are expanding rather than replacing. There are a couple of reasons we are adding another site to the Espirational family. First we are trying to lock up as many of the Espirational domains as possible, so hopefully it won’t be able to be used for something that would be offensive to people. We also wanted to do some things that required more bells and whistles than we have with our regular Word Press sites. The new one allows us to have our gallery and sell my art and we have plans to add more over there in time.

      All three sites will remain open. We have navigation buttons on all three to allow ease of movement between the three sites. If you type in espirational.com it will still take you here, but if you want to go directly to Bob’s Espirational Faith you will need to use the navigation button on one of the sites. I know it sounds confusing, but we have tried to make it as simple and usable as possible.

      Your current subscription for this site should continue as usual.. If you want to receive notifications for the monthly Espirational Happenings posts on the other blog you will have to sign up separately. The daily blog posts will continue here with monthly posts at Espirational Faith and All Things Espirational.

      If you have any other questions or see any problems, links not working, etc. please let us know. We depend on our readers to help us stay on top of that stuff.

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      1. Thanks for the clarification, I got it now. I do love your daily posts very much and they always come up on my emails. Thanks ♥


    1. Thanks, Michael, for your comment on our new Web/Blog site. As you can see, we’re just getting this started and we’ve got a lot to do yet. I’m curious though. . . your comment ended up on a post I made on the site over a month ago, not on our current post of the current edition of “Espirational Happenings.” Were you looking around at the other posts and just decided to place your comment there? Did you see the article labeled: “Espirational Happenings” for May?” Sorry for the problem with the buttons on your mobile unit, I’ll need to check out what the problem is there. Again, thanks for your comments. Have a great day! — Bob.

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      1. Hi Bob, I was on my WordPress Reader and the “Did We Do Something Wrong” was at the front. I had been looking at other posts from you but nothing from a month ago that I can remember.


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