My Flip Flop Welcome Sign — The Back Story

By now most of us have seen at least photos of the various versions of the welcome sign made from flip flops, right?  The first time I saw one was when our local library announced it would be the craft for the monthly Pinterest group. I immediately thought that is so cool, it would be perfect for our house since we live at the lake. There is no charge for library programs and all materials are provided, so I decided to go. And I came home with an adorable and perfect welcome sign — not exactly.  In fact it fell apart the minute I walked in my front door.  Then it sat on my studio floor in pieces while I tried to figure out a better way to hold it together than the original hot glue.  And it sat, and it sat and it sat.

Then finally on a wild and crazy busy cleaning day of all days I decided to get out Bob’s spray glue and give it a try.  Well it got the flip flops glued together. It got the shells and the sunglasses from my last eye doctor visit glued on.  What it would not do was attach the flip flops to the wooden paint stirrer the library had used to act as a backing and to hang the sign.  Bob finally ended up using small nails to tack it together.

It is all together.  It is still hanging and still has all the embellishments after a night outside hanging from our deck. One of my flip flops is a little wonky, but that just gives it character.

Copyright 2017 by R.A. Robbins

So what’s the point in all this? The point is that when you see all those beautiful and perfect craft projects online you don’t know the back story. You don’t know how many times it took to get what you see in the picture. You often don’t hear about the little slip ups and mishaps along the way. Don’t try to hide your back story. The stories of the trials and errors, hits and misses and even total disasters along the way are what make us real. And if you’re no good with a glue gun, like me, don’t give up. There’s always another way.

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3 thoughts on “My Flip Flop Welcome Sign — The Back Story

  1. I LOVE IT!!!

    I hadn’t seen this project on Pinterest, so it’s a totally new one on me. Aw Genie it’s fabulous, and I love that in the putting together again, you went further and added bits and pieces, and that paint stick is perfect. The whole thing speaks … it has a language and talks to everyone, telling them of the truly lovely people who live inside the house.

    Well done you clever crafty thing.
    with much love ~ Cobs. x


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