This is How we Create Change

We live in a world of great turmoil and crisis.  Everyone is scurrying around trying to “do something.”  Are we missing something?  Are we perhaps even unknowingly contributing to the madness?  Is there a better way?  Watch this brief TED talk and let’s discuss it in the comments section below.

A film by Greater Good Science Center.

Video from KarmaTube

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4 thoughts on “This is How we Create Change

  1. I’m convinced that contemplative prayer…or “mindfulness” or “presence” or meditation…is the key to compassionate change. There are no words, beliefs or meanings to argue over. Just a shared Presence of the Divine…or God…or Love that knows no divisions.

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    1. Absolutely! It can be so easy to get caught up in the worldly way of work, work, work, do, do do when it is really be, be, be. True change, peace, holiness, etc. begins within each of us and radiates outward.

      Thank you so much for starting the conversation Bill.

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  2. Absolutely worth every second of watching and listening. I urge readers to take just a few minutes – less than 5 so don’t stress – sit quietly (you’ll benefit from this alone) and listen to what is said. HEAR what is being shown to you.

    Thank you SO much for sharing this Genie. I gained so much from watching and listening. My inner peace is magnified a hundred times, and I feel an over-whelming feeling of knowing how blessed I truly am, and wanting to share those blessings.

    A fabulous watch, which I know I’ll come back to – just to ‘feel’ the words and experience the joy of knowing that I’m not alone in this mindfulness which I try to ensure I practise every day.
    Again, thank you for sharing this.
    Sending love and squidges to you both ~ Cobs. x

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