Love one Another

February is the month when we normally focus on romantic love.  But this year let’s look at what we might call “brotherly” (or “sisterly”) love.  This is what happens when we begin seeing not that person we might have a problem with but the divine light within them.  When we do this we will begin start caring for each other again instead of seeing everyone who disagrees with us as the “enemy.”  We might also stop fighting and at least start listening to each other.  Who knows, we might even stop insisting on being “right” and start seeking peace.

How did the world become such a mess?  I don’t know, but it’s a pretty good guess that people each of us may be blaming for causing the problems of the world are probably wondering the same thing. I do know our country has been damaged by the November election.  Many people are still traumatized. Children were exposed to things they should never have to see or experience.  People still live in fear of angry threats made during the campaign being carried out.  Some have had their faith challenged by the actions of those claiming to be Christians.

This is not going to go away folks.  We have to start reaching out. Start by trying to see the Divine light in everyone.  Not easy, I know but we are called to try.  Then we can start not only talking, but listening.  I’m talking real conversations, not just “I’m right, you’re wrong.”  It’s the only way we can start setting things right.

3 thoughts on “Love one Another”

  1. ” Perhaps we have to go back and rediscover what Christ asks of us, instead of calling ourselves Christians.” This is it. You nailed it.

    I too have been dealing with anger and sorrow over what is happening in my country. The greatest sadness is that a group of Christians who call themselves “Evangelicals” (not all by any means) acting out of fear are probably going to bring about what they fear most. There are many followers of the Christ as well as devote followers of other religions who are involved in the protests against our president. We are trying our best to shine the light in the world.

    I talked a little about this on my Espirational Livestream on Facebook yesterday. It is still available for people to watch if anyone is interested.

  2. An important post. These days I find myself wondering if Christians having lost their “moral high ground” may even be a good thing in some ways. Because it means we all have to dig within ourselves to find our better angels — instead of any one group thinking they possess the passport to heaven. I say that as someone who tries to follow Christ, but who has had to acknowledge my own anger at the actions and language of your new president, as well as a great disappointment in people who support his bad behaviour so wholeheartedly. When the words of some of the dissidents who marched on Washington sounded more like what Jesus preached than what we hear from some “Christians” today, the world feels upside down. Perhaps we have to go back and rediscover what Christ asks of us, instead of calling ourselves Christians.

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