Studio Envy and Being Content


I am blessed to have an in-home art studio.  An actual room —  with a double window — at the end of the hall — where all my cool art stuff lives — and I (sometimes) actually work, and … it has a door!  That door can be closed when the room is a mess.  What more could an artist ask for?   Well a view of the lake would be nice.  And I do get studio envy when I see photos of gorgeous studios that look like they were actually planned, with lots of shelves and cabinet space and a professional photo set up and a custom made work table, and of course all kinds of machines and gadgets.  And studios with lots of natural light and a beautiful view?  Well that is when I start to drool.

Yes, I am human.  I do sometimes want more than I have.  Then I think about all the strings that come attached to the stuff we accumulate in this world.  Like debt, worry and clutter when we realize we really didn’t need or don’t use all the “stuff.”

So I am happy with my little studio.  After all, we live at the lake and if I want to work lakeside I can.  It involves packing stuff up and walking about 2 blocks to the lake, but there is a picnic table down there — and a bench — not to mention a view that many people would love to have.  Then I realize that there are people who are actually jealous of my little life at the lake and I realize how blessed I am.

After all, being an artist isn’t about what your studio looks like, or even if you have one.  It isn’t about having all the latest and most expensive tools, supplies and gadgets.  It also isn’t about being rich and famous or people gushing about what a great job you have.  The people here where I live (my neighbors) are totally unimpressed.  🙂 Being an artist is about being in touch with and expressing the creative nature of God.  And that is a very cool thing.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Talk to me!  What’s one very cool thing about your life you wouldn’t trade for anything?  Please think about this — we all have one.  Post your responses in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Studio Envy and Being Content

  1. It’s wonderful to have your space but I understand how you feel. There are some beautiful studios but often they are staged- look closely and you might spot the pretty chairs that are far from ergonomic! It’s also easy to get hooked on accumulating rather than creating- notice lots of fabric all colour co-ordinated but too precious to use! It’s all make believe

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