Is There Room Within You?

Bob’s Christmas message from Espirational Faith.

Espirational Faith

Almost everyone on this planet called Earth has now heard this story about the Hebraic couple who had found themselves in the difficult situation of being required to go to their family’ s hometown by the Roman government to be counted in their national census. Though this couple reportedly had never yet experienced coupling, she was pregnant and large with child with no other transportation available than a borrowed donkey which her husband had lead across the rugged terrain for many miles. The importance of the child that Mary, then just a young teenage girl, was carrying was, in the couple’s minds, of unbelievable importance: They believed this child to be the son of the living Hebrew God – their Messiah. Yet, because of the fact that it took them so long to make the trek to Bethlehem by the time they got to town there was no room in…

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