6 thoughts on “What Does Old Look Like?

  1. Goes to show I have always been right – age is just a number! I have been blessed to know many people who are considered old and they have taught me age doesn’t matter – like the one person said, when you stop doing then you get old….great video. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you Patty. Aging is a clear example that it’s not what happens to us but our beliefs and attitudes about what happens that matter. I live in a “senior” lakeside community where many believe that sickness and decline are a natural and inevitable part of aging. So we have a lot of sick and declining people around here. Not always easy for someone who doesn’t believe that, but it does make me more determined to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the quotes are for me. This whole month is for me. 🙂 Good to hear from you!


      1. So glad you had a good month! It is hard to remain positive when there is negativity around you. Who knows your positive attitude may win them over!! Thank you for your encouraging quotes, I may not often comment but I like to start off my day with one of the quotes you post. God bless your week – 🙂


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