How is This Happening???

Years ago I watched with disbelief, dismay and great sorrow as the Christian denomination and later the local church I had called home from childhood were being torn apart from within.   Now I watch with the same disbelief, dismay and sorrow as the same thing is happening to our country.

Once again, I find my soul crying out what is going on, how is this happening?  How are years of painstaking baby steps toward justice and racial harmony falling apart before my eyes?  Is this nation of immigrants really talking about keeping immigrants out — even going so far as to build a wall?  Can it really be that some pastors are encouraging parishioners to arm themselves, even offering classes to qualify for concealed carry permits?  Are we really accepting fear, hatred and armed citizens as “just the way things are?”  And how on earth can anyone have to nerve to say that God is on our side in all of this?

It is time to wake up and see there is no “them” — no great “enemy” out there doing this to us.  We are doing it to our selves. To quote the late “Pogo” cartoonist Walt Kelly, who was fighting against the fear and suspicion of the McCarthy era, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  Our fear, bigotry and hatred are causing us to turn on each other.  The United States is being destroyed, not by bombs, or terrorists, but from within.  Fear is a powerful and apparently most effective weapon.

We must be vigilant.  This is not the time to give in to fear.  As always love is the true answer.  Love is the way.















20 thoughts on “How is This Happening???”

  1. My sentiments exactly. My heart is breaking for everyone. As the daughter of immigrants, I was raised to see America as they saw it – a land of freedom and equality – and it saddens me to see so much hate and fear and judgment.

  2. Dante Canto 28. The big schism. Australia has the same problem. Islamists want every one dead who isnt Islamic. Christians believe if they are loving and tolerent for long enough Islamists will change their 1700 hundred old decree that calls for death to Jews and disbelievers. A third group dont fancy living under the laws of Islam and are getting hostile. I think people are scared and fear distorts their judgement. I personally am not afraid but I also believe “faith without works is nothing”
    We live in interesting times. Personally, I am working on crocheted lambs for my Nativity this year and I plan to give the pattern as a gift. Crochet is a wonderful connector and people of all faiths practice it. Sadly some Islamists see my toys as Haram but the rest of my patterns are quite OK!
    I thank Jesus every day for my gifts and that I can spread his message of love and hope via them❤
    My hope is that ALL religious leaders can have a sit down and get a plan on how we can co exist. At the moment we have Islamic preachers in trouble for telling people to rise up and hate everyone who isn’t Islamic. Then I go to my church and get told it is us christian’s fault for not being loving enough.
    Prayer, humor and crochet. Plus lots of brown rice, veg, legumes and water. 🐴

    1. Hi Sharon! I can certainly relate to feeling the need to “do” something. Writing this blog is my way of trying to help calm things down and urge people to follow Spirit. Sometimes that includes telling people to eat their veggies. 😉

      What we must realize is that the real weapons being used against us are spiritual ones. That is why it is so important to gain control of our thoughts and minds, remember who and whose we are and center ourselves in the light and love of God.

      Bob suggested yesterday after I posted that instead of repeatedly just telling people not to give into fear (I do that a lot, don’t I?) I needed to give specific things we can actually do to keep from being overwhelmed by fear. So I am going to do that. Instead of giving it all in one great big overwhelming post, I will be giving smaller bits here and there as I am led. I will be focusing on specific tools and techniques. Not all of these will work for everyone, but I am hoping most will find at least one or two that will work for them.

      Sharon, you know Bob and I consider you a friend and valued follower and we welcome your very real and heartfelt comments. Love always — Genie

      1. Thank you. People now, more than ever have to stick together. All people, one race, the human race. I think we need to listen to each other more and a preacher told me back in the 1970’s that society has to stop looking the other way when we see people in need. Love to you both too.❤️

      2. Hi Sharon, Bob here. Thanks for your comments and support. We appreciate you telling others about our efforts. You mentioned how we should take the emphasis off of the various “races” of mankind and just walk together as the “Human Race.” I agree. In fact let’s take the term “Race” out of the picture altogether. Let’s call our species the “Human Walkers.” When people race, they are being competitive and are expected to win or loose, they cannot talk or listen effectively and dominance is the end goal. However, when we walk together, side by side, we are able to talk as we go, discussing important issues and pointing out things of beauty along life’s path as we go. Challenges can be met more effectively and solutions can be found more easily by those who are human walkers rather than those of the human race. (Sorry if this type of entry seems a little strange. Genie will vouch that I’m just that way 🙂

  3. I understand. I also believe love defends and protects. There is a warrior spirit that is called into battle here. I’m grateful for those warriors who run into the battle, those who give their lives for their brothers, and protect us.
    I’m inspired by Abraham who went to battle against 4 kings with 300 of his household to reclaim Lott. I’m inspired by Elijah who slew the prophets of Baal. I’m inspired by David who fought evil on many fronts. I’m inspired by Jehoshaphat who listened to God, and sent the praisers our to proceed the battle. I’m inspired by the image of Jesus in Revelation who comes back to battle in Megiddo.
    Do we love? Yes! And we listen to The Holy Spirit. We stay prayed up. We defend ourselves. Guns are not for everyone. They are for the Warriors. Because a warrior will not act outside of love, and he gives his life when it is required. They know the sacrifice.
    Evil prevails when good people do nothing. We are the good in the world.

      1. I understand the subject. Peter attacked out of fear, and out of his place. Jesus, always right, rebuked him. I like to keep things in context.
        I’m not discussing attack, aggression, fear, or being out of place. I’m talking about love’s attribute of defending, being strong, protecting, like God our Father, and Jesus protecting and providing for us with His perfect sacrifice.
        The warrior spirit is woven throughout the bible, and I’m grateful for those brave souls who walk in that anointing, like the police and the armed forces. I’m for the Right to bear arms, it’s right under the Right to worship.
        Sorry to annoy you with my comment that you would just refer me off to another reading.
        I won’t bother you again.

        1. Wendy, I’m sorry you felt you were being brushed off. That was certainly not our intent. We simply felt that something Bob had already written would be better than writing what would have to be a quite lengthy discourse here in the comments area. I am sorry if you feel the need to leave, but we still hold to our beliefs as do you. Wishing you light and love — Genie

    1. Thank you Cobs. In my response to Sharon I talked about my plan to start writing about more specific ways and tools we can use to not give in to fear. I hope these future posts will be a help and comfort to us all.

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