Jesus and politics…

A wonderful, thoughtful post by Derek Maul reminding us of the leadership style of Jesus. One that is very much needed, but still rejected today.


After three years of intense teaching, preaching, praying, review, practical application of kingdom principles, talking together, more review, wrangling over the details, questions, more questions, clarifications, crowds, acclamation, rejection, enthusiasm, accusation, light-bulb moments, struggle, triumph, and so much more… Jesus invited his followers to a dinner party, where they broke bread together and God-in-the-flesh spoke extensively about his mission, and what he expected of them – expects of us – after he was gone.

Jesus went over the highlights one more time.

Jesus persisted. The Great Teacher taught, rephrased, told parables, and lived by example. But his style of teaching was so foreign – so radical and so personal – to the way they were used to considering God. It was an approach markedly unusual in a harsh world where life was often dirt-cheap and the last anyone expected of a deity was compassion. – Reaching Toward Easter p 21


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