The Successful Aging Plan

Check our Bob’s latest post about successful aging on Espirational Faith.

Espirational Faith

The “Baby Boomers” have arrived! We are now at the age at which our parents, grandparents, and so forth called retirement. But for us, that is a misnomer. We see life differently than did our ancestors; we always have – always will.

We grew up as children watching massive changes going on all around us, changes like people challenging the darkness of space in a realistic way for the first time in recorded history; people taking to the streets in masse to demand their rights as citizens; the change of our society from an industrially based economy to one of being technologically based, then later to being the world’s source for information and communications; and a political undercurrent pitting Republican rule by law against a Democratic power by the authority of the people philosophy slowly changing from being a major contender in world politics to being the leading world political…

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