Life Interrupted

Bob is back at Espirational Faith will a new post called Life Interrupted. This is a good one and I’m not just saying that because he’s my husband. 🙂 Check it out.

Espirational Faith

Hi everyone.

Well, I’m back. I hope you are still with me. Sorry about the long absence but I guess my ambitions got ahead of my timing on this one and sometimes some things just have to be delayed regardless how important they may be. With Genie and my move to Oklahoma and buying a house trailer close to a lake there, plus some medical issues and trying to keep our financial, and mental, situations under control my time was consumed and something had to take a back burner. Sorry, but this blog became one of those somethings.

I’m sure you’ve most likely experienced incidents or time periods in your life like this also. You are going along doing your normal daily living routine; waking in the morning going to work, walking through your daily routine which, regardless how challenging at times, seems mundane. Then you  go home and performing standard…

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