Update on I Aspire to be a Giant Squid

I’ve noticed people looking at an old post about Squidoo called I Aspire to be a Giant Squid. Did I ever become one?  Yes, I did after graduation from Rocket Squids.  However about a week after that I received notice that many of my lenses, including my Lens of the Day and several Purple Star Award lenses. were suddenly “substandard” and would be locked,

This was during a time of change and great turmoil at Squidoo.  Rules were changing and people were resisting.  I decided Squidoo was not for me, deleted my lenses and left.

Do I consider my Squidoo experience a failure?  There is no failure only lessons.  So what did I learn?

1.  I can write for the web.  Anytime you can take a free online writing course do.

2.  I can stretch and write about topics not really of interest to me.

3.  Doing anything from a feeling of desperation rarely works.

4.  There are certain things I do not want to write even though I can.

5.  I also walked away with some of my best writing.  Someday a few might show up here if I can figure out a way to shorten them.

After trying Hub Pages and the Yahoo Contributor Network I decided these types of programs were not for me.  The Yahoo Contributor Network and Squidoo are now gone.  Some of the content from Squidoo was acquired by Hub Pages.  Whether or not to try Hub Pages or similar sites is a personal decision.  They might work  for you where they did not for me.

Was writing for these websites a waste of time?  Back then I thought so, because I was feeling desperate to make money.  Now I realize it wasn’t.  Look at everything I learned!


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