Healthy Living A to Z: T is for Time

You can tell how important something is to you by the amount of time you devote to it. Take a minute to stop and reflect on your values. What do you consider most important? Now look at how you spend your time. Do the two match up?

I know that out of necessity work consumes a great deal of time for most people, but does it consume you as well? Do you still make quality time for family, friends, faith and rest? Do you take the time needed to live a healthy, balanced life? This is not a frantic, over the top workout at the gym squeezed into an already too busy day.

How much of the time you spend on various activities is really necessary to get them done and how much is based on unrealistic expectations and excessive pressure (internal or external) to “succeed” or be perfect? This is one I struggle with and I am sure I’m not alone in this.

Our time here on this earth is limited. It is precious. Spend it wisely.

One thought on “Healthy Living A to Z: T is for Time”

  1. Time is funny, isn’t it? I heard somewhere that Einstein explained how time could be so relative. He gave the example of a minute seeming like forever when his hand touched a hot stove, and a minute seeming like only a too-short instant when his hand was on the knee of a beautiful woman.
    I’ve noticed that my attitude and awareness makes the difference for me. When I’m feeling interested and connected to the present moment, time doesn’t seem to matter.
    Thanks for your reminder.

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