Look What we Made!

Copyright 2014 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2014 by R.A. Robbins

This past weekend was our village picnic.  Bob and I worked together on this watermelon basket.  We took this so there would be something we could eat for dessert.  Don’t forget fresh fruit is naturally sweet and gluten free.  When you live with food restrictions you learn to think about these things.

Not bad for a first try.  It was a bit of work (Bob carved the melon to make the basket) but was a big hit at the picnic — until the 5 gallons of homemade ice cream showed up. 🙂

I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of that green and white wired ribbon.  It’s my go to ribbon when I need to make a bow.


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6 thoughts on “Look What we Made!”

  1. This basket is gorgeous, Genie! I love that you tied a bow on your basket, too. That’s such an extra special touch! This post brings back fond memories for me as that only time I’ve made a watermelon basket is the night before our wedding. One of my best friends and I made it together. Our reception was all done by family, like a potluck, not catered. Sweet memories! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing on Gluten-Free Wednesdays with us all.


    1. Well actually there was a reason for the bow Shirley. It’s covering a small boo-boo — one side of the basket didn’t quite line up with the handle. But nobody has to know that 😉 What a nice wedding reception it sounds like you had. A watermelon basket is a great idea for that.

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