Ten Reasons I Love the Gluten Free Life

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I am gluten free for medical reasons, but I also love the gluten free life. For those who feel forced to live gluten free against their will I offer a few of the reasons I love it so much.

1. Fresh strawberries! Yes, my all time favorite food I have loved since childhood — naturally gluten free!

2. Being able to enjoy going out without worrying about where the bathrooms are.

3. Gluten free brownies. Yes, brownies! Make them from scratch or from the yummy Bob’s Red Mill mix.

4. Feeling better. That one would be enough for me. I was very sick for a very long time.

5. Quinoa, buckwheat, teff, sorghum — all the flours and grain alternatives we might have never met if we could still eat wheat.

6. Actually having a disease where the treatment is food!

7. Learning something new. OK, a lot of new things. But isn’t learning new things fun? And it helps keep your brain young.

8. Steak. Yes, I love a good strip steak seasoned just right and cooked on a charcoal grill. Bob cooks a very good steak.

9. Spaghetti squash.  A great way to work in more veggies and a great base for my made from scratch and cooked all day sauce.

10. Life goes on without gluten and that life can be very good.

Rogene Robbins loves the gluten free life.  She is the author of the eBook The Gluten Free Good Life, available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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