10 Alternatives to Buying Gluten Free Bread

Mr. Pepper Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins
Mr. Pepper
Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

Gluten free bread is expensive. Given the size of the loaves, it is very expensive.  So, what are we supposed to do about those things we think have to be served on bread? We find other ways. Here are a few of my favorite bread substitutes I think even my non-gluten free readers will enjoy.

1. Corn Tortillas are a good way to make tuna melts or grilled cheese.  Specialty tortillas are also available from other gluten free grains.

2. Lettuce Wraps are one of my favorite ways to do sandwiches. I love biting into crisp, crunchy lettuce.

3. Pancakes and Crepes are easy to make at home with gluten free flour and may be used to wrap around either sweet or savory fillings for desserts, main courses or even snacks.

4. Salad makes a healthy replacement for bread.  Put your sandwich toppings on a bed of lettuce.

5. Homemade Muffins or Biscuits can be used as a replacement for toast or split and topped with your favorite fillings to make sandwiches.

6. Homemade Bread is always an option. With the cost of gluten free flours this is still a bit pricey but less than buying bread, since you are supplying the labor.

7. Rice Cakes have helped Bob still be able to have his peanut butter sandwiches he loves so much. Check the label for gluten status. With something yummy on top, they aren’t at all bad.

8. Waffles aren’t just for breakfast. I have made waffle pizzas, waffle tacos, waffles and gravy, waffle sloppy joes and even ice cream sundaes on a waffle raft instead of in a waffle cone or bowl. I try to make extra waffles and freeze the leftovers for the convenience of having “toaster waffles” later. 

9. Load a Baked Potato  with all your favorite sandwich fillings and toppings.

10. My absolute all time favorite is the Pepperwich, a halved green pepper shell cleaned out and filled with sandwich fixin’s.

You really don’t have to spend a small fortune on gluten free bread. Put your thinking cap on and I’m sure you can come up with even more ideas. Anyone want to share?


Rogene Robbins loves the gluten free life.  She is the author of the eBook The Gluten Free Good Life, available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

8 thoughts on “10 Alternatives to Buying Gluten Free Bread”

  1. I do like to eat things without bread like burgers and sausages too…but I do LOVE bread….I would be so sad if I couldn’t have any. I don’t eat a ton, but if I had to cut it completely, I would truly be bummed! Great ideas for eating alternatives!

    1. Thank you! Bob is a bread lover too. Me, not so much. I do make him an occasional loaf or two. Most of the ideas here came from trying to figure out ways he could still have some of his favorite foods. He’s too frugal to buy gluten free bread. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Corn tortilla tuna melts sound SO good! Next time I make tuna melts I’m definitely going to try it. You have lots of good bread replacement ideas here ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You know, I really don’t miss bread. It’s amazing how you can taste all the flavors of a hamburger and all the fixings without a big mouthful of bread.

      Tuna in a wrap sounds good.

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