10 thoughts on “Thought for Today”

  1. Ah she’s beautiful x I had a cat for 17 years but now I just have my little Dachsund x
    I don’t think it needs to be an either cats or dogs situation x I have loved both in my time x

    1. Pets do become family, don’t they? Callie’s a shelter cat with “issues”. We had to promise we wouldn’t have other animals when we adopted her or we would probably have a houseful.

    1. All is really know is that we were told she is a calico — which refers to color. The adoption person at the shelter said she could be considered a tortie, but I think technically she has too much white. I like ginger tabby. You can’t see both sides of her face in the photo but she has identical markings in different colors. She’s my baby that’s for sure!

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