New Holiday Door Decoration

Tea Wreath Copyright 2013 R.A. Robbins
Tea Wreath
Copyright 2013 R.A. Robbins

We live in an apartment building where all the apartments open onto an indoor hallway. We like to decorate our door. The first several years I wrapped the door in holiday fabric and we hung our snow couple wreath. Then I brought the wreath back inside and we started giving our neighbors small gifts hanging from a sign on our front door. We stated with candy canes and continued that several years. Last year we gave away angel ornaments. This year I saw this tea wreath in a magazine so we are giving away tea bags. The original photo I worked from had an open center but we decided to put the sign offering the tea to our friends and neighbors inside in the center.

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3 thoughts on “New Holiday Door Decoration

  1. Not living in a community building it wouldn’t work for me! I have been making flameless Tea light
    covers with a Christmas theme for my elderly friends


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