Have you Considered Sending eCards this Year?

The star
The star (Photo credit: Grzegorz Łobiński)

I love to send eCards and I love to receive them — and this from a girl who used to make her holiday cards.  There are a few advantages to sending eCards:

1.  Many eCards are free.  You save money.

2.  No postage.  You save more money.

3.  You don’t have to hand address your cards.  You save time.

4.  No driving to the post office and waiting in line to mail cards.  You save more time.

5.  You can attach a gift card so you don’t have to go to crowded stores to shop.  You save even more time as well as your sanity.

6.  eCards are paperless.  You save a tree.

Who knew sending an eCard could make you a Superhero.

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