National Day of Listening

Story Corp's Founder Dave Isay
Story Corp’s Founder Dave Isay (Photo credit: Susan Sharpless Smith)

The National Day of Listening was started in 2008 by Story Corp as an non-commercial alternative to the craziness of Black Friday shopping.  On this day after Thanksgiving take a few minutes to sit down and record an interview with a loved one.  Even if you think you have heard all of Grandpa’s stories a hundred times, really listen this time.   As annoying as those stories my seem now, I can say from experience that the time will come when you will miss them, or you will not be able to remember the details.  Having these stories recorded in your loved ones own voice will be priceless later.Visit the National Day of Listening website for more information including a Do-It-Yourself  Instruction Guide.

3 thoughts on “National Day of Listening”

    1. There have been several times in my own family that we have wished we had listened more when we realized too late that the stories were the family history. I know there are lots of things I wish I had asked my Mom and Dad now that they are gone.

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