Celebrating Small Things: The “Family Tree”

Copyright R.A.. Robbins 2008
Copyright R.A.. Robbins 2008

Since today is Arbor Day and we live in Nebraska where Arbor Day began, it seems appropriate to express appreciation for our tree.  We have a tree outside our patio door, a rare luxury in an apartment.

I call it the “family tree” since it seems to attract more than a few Robins.  In case you don’t know we are Robbins.

This tree and the bird feeders on our patio bring much enjoyment to us.  The tree acts as the “waiting room” for the feeders.  Bob recently commented that the money spent on birdseed is a small price to pay for the hours of entertainment we enjoy watching the birds.

In celebration of Arbor Day, I invite you to think about a special tree in your life.

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Small Things: The “Family Tree””

  1. My special tree is the wisteria we planted out front for our 12th anniversary. That little bugger has gone through so much, and it just keeps surviving. Still looking much like a “Charlie Brown” tree at the moment, I think this will be the year it turns a corner and starts to get a little thicker in the trunk. Maybe next spring we’ll finally see some blooms. This is the first year our tree has been taller than everyone in the family. Spring has been good to it and she’s proving to be quite the tree indeed.

  2. How lovely to have such a tree! We have a tree (well our neighbours tree) which hangs into our garden (which is communal) but it’s right outside the window and I do enjoy seeing jays hop into it and squirrels run up it!

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