Easy Handmade Gift Idea

As an artist sometimes I look at the lightweight cardboard divider from a box of tea bags and a handful of brightly colored foil candy wrappers and see a bookmark.

Candy wrapper bookmark materials
Copyright 2011 by R.A. Robbins

Any fancy foil, paper or ribbon scraps would work just as well.  I simply arranged the candy wrappers till I came up with a pleasing pattern, then taped them to the cardboard base.  All I had at the time was tape, glue would work just as well if you have it on hand.  Simple as that.  No rules, no right or wrong, no complicated instructions.  This is what I came up with.

Candy wrapper bookmark
Copyright 2011 by R.A. Robbins

Have fun making your own bookmark!

7 thoughts on “Easy Handmade Gift Idea”

  1. Nice idea. My 10 year old is like that. She can make art and a statement with anything. It’s as if her mind never turns off. We encourage her and hope she never loses her flair or unique perspective.

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