Celebrate Homemade Bread Day!

Sourdough bread.
Sourdough bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love to cook.  But what I love most are the stories of cooking in the family kitchen, eating at the family table, and sharing food with friends and strangers.

Bob says the smell of fresh baked bread makes a house a home.  When his mother made bread it was served with hot cocoa to dip chunks of fresh bread in.

My mom made the best hot rolls.  We always knew fresh rolls would be at the table for holidays and other family celebrations.

Now when I make bread it is gluten free.  I have a couple of recipes that are quite tasty but not as much fun to make.  You don’t get to punch and push around gluten free dough like you do wheat dough, but that’s another story.

Do you have a favorite bread story?  Did your mom or grandma make bread?  Do you?  Tell us about it.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrate Homemade Bread Day!

  1. What’s this homemade bread day malarkey? I make homemade bread just about EVERY day, and I’m 69 years old with umpteen health problems. Storebought bread is BORRRRINNNG. I have seven bread cookbooks (two of them for sourdough) and I can make more breads than I ever even heard of before I started making my own bread.


  2. Hi Rogene. It sounds like your husband loves good homemade bread as much as mine does. The first time I ever saw anyone dip bread in hot chocolate was when visiting where he grew up. I was so surprised how much I enjoyed – I think a lot has to do with having pure hot chocolate . . . YUM!

    My mom used to make bread on occasion, but with my daughter’s food allergies I had been making more homemade bread than I ever had. Fresh bread just tastes so much better! Thanks again for stopping by Nom Yum & Free. Have a wonderful week!!


    1. Thank you Devin. I had never heard of bread and cocoa before either, but I have to admit it is good. I agree, fresh bread is so much better. You have a good week too! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hi Rogene! Thanks for leaving a comment on the bread post over at gfe. 🙂 I thought I should mention that one of the bread recipes I shared there is actually kneadable. No kidding! It’s the Farmhouse Seed Bread from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen.

    None of my family ever baked bread. I got one of those glass Pyrex tubes as a gift one tiime and made a few loaves of Italian bread, but that was it. Now I make my paleo bread recipe from time to time, but no traditional bread. The smell of bread baking or right out of the oven is wonderful though!



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