Making Your Own Salad Dressing is Easy

Balsamic vinegar, red and white wine vinegar
Balsamic vinegar, red and white wine vinegar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know unhealthy ingredients slip into salad dressing, but you can make a simple vinaigrette at home.  The formula is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar.  You may use olive oil, but any good vegetable oil will work, even flavored oils.  Apple cider vinegar works, but I prefer balsamic or red wine vinegar. Flavored vinegars or citrus juice may be also substituted.

Add desired seasonings to the vinegar in a small bowl.  Add oil slowly in a small stream while beating with a wire whisk.  Beat until the oil is incorporated into the dressing. This creates an “emulsion” so the dressing does not instantly separate. This may also be done in a blender.

That’s the basic vinaigrette.  Jazz it up with mustard, honey, finely chopped garlic or onion, any herbs and spices your heart desires.

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