Precious Gifts

Edith and O.J. were dear members of my church family.  They had no children, but were adopted by many as spiritual parents or grandparents.

One year for Christmas after O.J. died Edith gave me a small Bible.  Inside it was inscribed “To my beloved O.J. from Jerusalem.”  It was also inscribed reminding me how special I was to both of them.

Years later I took Bob to meet Edith.  As we left she said “I want you

Edith’s Dolly
Photo copyright 2005 by R.O. Robbins

to have my dolly,” and handed me a dainty porcelain doll.  There wasn’t a dry eye in that house.

Edith has been gone some time now, but I still have her gifts, both tangible and intangible, reminders of the couple who showed me so much love and care.

The most valuable gifts we can give to others aren’t things at all.  We give the most when we give of ourselves.

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