Ways to Add Flavor to Food Without Adding Bad Stuff

Potato medallions, with olive oil, parsley, he...
Potato medallions, with olive oil, parsley, herbes de provence, oregano, salt, and balsamic vinegar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In celebration of More Herbs, Less Salt Day let’s talk ways to add flavor without adding a lot of sugar, fat or salt.

* Garlic and onion are obvious. Cook first to make flavor pop.

* Vinegar adds a nice acidic bite.  Many varieties are available.

* Liquid smoke replaces pork as seasoning.

If you have limited knowledge of herbs and spices find a good spice chart.

* Citrus juice and zest add just a little tartness.

* Don’t forget salt free seasoning blends.

Remember mustard comes in powdered or prepared forms.

* Marinades are easy to make.  They tenderize as well as adding flavor.

How do you add flavor without adding the “bad stuff”?

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