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The Daily Angel

“Music is well said to be the speech of angels.” ~Thomas Carlyle

Todays angel project is a simple little feather angel from Sycamore Stirrings. http://sycamorestirrings.blogspot.com/2010/12/feathery-angel-ornaments.html   I think the kids should be able to do this project.

The Daily Angel: The Story

Image copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins
Image copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins

A number of years ago at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season a terrible tragedy occurred in the city where we lived.  An armed young man in a crowded shopping mall killed and injured others before taking his own life.  Local news coverage seemed to be non-stop.  The entire city was in mourning at a time which would normally be joyful.  Holiday events were cancelled, but some went on in an attempt to keep going on with life.

I have a soft heart and knew from experience if I allowed it I could follow the deep emotions right into a deep dark pit of depression.  Some time ago I determined that would not happen again.

To distract me from the non-stop news coverage and help me focus on God’s love and provision I began making one angel art or craft project a day.  I continued this for several years beginning at Thanksgiving and continuing until Christmas.  In recent years I stopped doing this, but in light of current events I think it’s time to bring back the daily angel.  I already had my blog posts scheduled for November and December, but Spirit started nudging me to do this instead.  I have learned when Spirit nudges, I move.

This year I am starting on the first Sunday of Advent with this introduction.  Beginning tomorrow and continuing through Christmas Eve I will post The Daily Angel with a daily quote, scripture, video or reflection.  I will also include a link to an angel craft project or a video demonstration of an angel project.  There are no real rules for this, but I would like to encourage you not to use this as a time to make your holiday gifts or items to sell at craft fairs because the urgency of completing these projects brings a different energy to the process.  Some of these projects are more involved than others.  Feel free to extend a project over several days if needed.  Our purpose is to focus on God’s love and provision which we are reminded of through His angel messengers.  We don’t want anyone to feel rushed or stressed over this.

So during this time of darkness for so many, breathe.  Relax into God’s love.  Focus on His angels as messengers sent to teach, guide, protect, remind us of God’s, love and grace and warn us when necessary.    Then  join me on December 25th for an uplifting musical video presentation with an important message for our times.  Blessings  during this holiday season.