Revealed Series – Introductory Words & Copyright Notice

Written and edited by: Robert O. Robbins, M.Ed., B.S., A.B.K.

E.T.M. Publishing

Copyright: 1988, 1990, 2016-2021

References to and quotations from the New International Version of the Bible is by written permission.

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What is The Revealed Series?

A compendium of the book of “The Revelation,” written by the Apostle John as it is found in the book of today’s Christendom’s Holy Bible, explained in the same way as Jesus taught his disciples to understand parables and with the same authority: including parts to explain the systematic procedures for the interpretation of the prophetic (figurative) language of the parables and prophecies into the natural (literal) language common to the majority of mankind today who speak the English language; to show the direct relationship between two of the most acceptable versions of the book of “The Revelation” which is interpolated from these versions by use of the Prophetic Language; to give a dictionary of the Prophetic Language and where the prophetic words’ definitions can be found; and to show the undeniable correlation between the message revealed in “The Revelation” and the progressive, yet destructive attempts of mankind to effectively govern itself, without it’s Creator’s guidance, and what will be the net results of these attempts.

By: R.O. Robbins, A.B.K., B.S., M.Ed.

Co-Director of Espirational Truth Ministries

(Formerly Eternal Truth Ministries)



The only begotten son of the living God,

The Eternal Christ of God and the Messiah of mankind,

who once told his disciples:

“There is nothing covered,

that shall not be revealed,

neither hid,

that shall not be made known.” (LUK 12:2)

And again that —-

“. . . what I tell in darkness

That speak ye in light.” (MAT 10:27)

Without whom would this knowledge every have use, nor ever be known.

First Edition Introduction

Jehovah, the Lord God of all universes and dimensions, who created the stars and the planets which orbit around them, and Earth and all which is upon it, and all of the living beings both physical and spiritual who inhabit these places, must love a mystery.  I mean, just look at mankind.  He could just as easily have made us to be as the robots and created us solely for the purpose of serving him, give us a one-time choice as to whether or not we would do so as he did the angels, and then forever having the servants so many people seem to believe he desires us to be.  But he didn’t make man that way.  Instead he made us in a very unique fashion which few, if any, have even begun to comprehend except it be for Jesus who has become the prime example of that uniqueness.  He made us like himself:  able to love a perfect, dauntless, unswerving, undeniable, unspeakable love without needing a purpose other than its own existence to do so.  But there was even more to this creation.  He can often look at the various aspects of a little child and see various aspects of our Creator. And often what we learn is quite amazing.  One of the first things we learn is that Jehovah must be a very curious being.   

Why did God create mankind in such a way as to allow him to be so rebellious?  This question has been asked by uncounted multitudes throughout the ages of mankind’s history by priests, rabbis, pastors, monks, gurus, prophets, popes, astrologers, philosophers, and now even modern scientists and innumerable others with a somewhat glib remark spoken under their breath having an underlying meaning of “I don’t know.”  But surely if you watched a little child and realized that child as having been created in God’s image then an inkling of the reason for this seeming flaw in God’s logic can be better understood.

Immediately upon birth, in the most normal circumstances without the “advantages” of modern hospitals, the infant is bombarded by a strange, cold, frightening world into which it has been forcefully pushed and painfully delivered.  In anguish the infant attempts to open its eyes to see through the blinding light something to which that spirit within is still connected.  Terrified and uncomfortable the baby usually cries in agony until it feels the nipple of its loving mother on its lips or the arms of a loving surrogate parent around its body.  Then, after the terror subsides, the baby becomes tranquil.  Finally the infant is able to begin to look up through eyes veiled with tears at the one who, usually, will become the child’s primary parent for many years to come.

The child’s eyes look intently upon this person who is usually to become a person who to him or her will be called “Mom,” or “Mother,” or some other entitlement other than the name that person was given at birth.  Gazing somewhat absentmindedly at the one holding this wrapped little bundle which has just been through a miracle, the baby goes to sleep while the brain within is imprinted with the impression of, “This is the one who gave me comfort after such torment.  This is who I love.”

As the baby grows it can be seen that the sleep required as an infant becomes less and less.  While this is happening the child usually shows more and more curiosity concerning the small universe of things placed in the baby’s crib and later in his or her room.  It almost seems as though it is this curiosity which draws the infant out of its silent world of sleep and into the bright and enlivened world of the physical realm.  Soon the young child sees something wanted. The reason is quite unknown, but the desire is strong enough that the child tries desperately to reach, squirm, or pull until the object is where the young scientist who is now seeking knowledge can handle it.  If these efforts do not work, then a sudden burst of cries or screams are exploded out of the baby’s mouth who has by now learned gains the instant attention of Mom or Dad or someone else nearby who will keep trying various things until that wanted item is handed to the child as a peace offering.  The baby has learned, though so primitively, to communicate.

Within just a few months the child will listen to those around him or her and will realize that certain sounds they make to one another and some of the sounds she or he makes personally seems to carry meaning.  Quite accidently one morning the baby says, “Da-da” which Mother takes so seriously that she calls the child’s father into the room and makes such a fuss over the baby’s accidental utterance that they give ice cream as an award. From that moment on the child says “Da-da” if the ice cream is desired; but instead, when those words come out the babe’s mouth, father appears.  Soon the child realizes that “Da-da” does not mean ice-cream, but rather starts using it as a way to get Daddy to come whenever desired.  Now the child is learning to communicate in the language of his or her parents.

With this advent of learning that words can create the ability to both get things that the child desires and to enrich the relationship with the ones loved, the young child rapidly begins developing a vocabulary.  Driving the parents mad, the two to four year old child incessantly asks, “What’s that”, or “Why?” or “What for?” even to the point that often the parent silently wishes to gag the child just for a moment’s peace and quiet.  However, it is through this persistent questioning that the child is able to develop normally into the adulthood it was created to live.

In the Kingdom of God it should be no different.  Those who are “born again” into this kingdom have, ever since their neonate years before they had the spiritual birthing experience, heard this strange speech which Christians use concerning their God and how they were saved from their sins.  However, seldom is the case when anyone ever sits down to try to teach these newborns this spiritual language which is spoken so profoundly from the pulpits of the churches of the world, and even on the street corners of small villages.  Therefore they learn this language by trial and error.

If a child is never taught to use a dictionary in school then that child’s ability to progress in the knowledge offered by that school will indeed be limited; the same is true for the Church.  However the Church has been handicapped by the fact that no one has, until now, ever taken the time to develop a dictionary for the use of the Christian World to enable the young student of Scriptures to be able to better understand the spiritual language in which those scriptures came.

Now I speak not of the original language of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  There have been innumerable Bible scholars who have painstakingly translated the Scriptures into the modern languages people speak today.  For this we should all be grateful.  I don’t even talk about the need for a work which defines the literal meanings of the words as they appear in the Bible as is done in Nave’s Topical Bible (NTB), Davis Dictionary of the Bible (DDB), Unger’s Bible Handbook, and others.  Though these are important, they present just a surface, physical meaning to the words which often can be obtained in any good dictionary or encyclopedia.  What I instead speak of is a listing of the literal meanings of the figurative words as used in parables and prophecies throughout the Scriptures.

After over twenty years of researching extensively major libraries throughout the United States, and writing letters to various other parts of the world, I have never found a dictionary of the sort which specifically takes the figurative words as they are recorded in the Bible and attempt to define them in a systematic manner into a literal “human” language for all to see and hopefully understand.  Many have touched upon this idea to be sure.  For instance Alexander Cruden, in his concordance (CCB), attempted to give the literal meanings to many of the words found in the Scriptures which obviously were placed there originally in a figurative sense.  However he never gives an explanation as to where these definitions come from and some of them seem to be derived more from traditions than from the Scriptures themselves.  Since he did not take the time to show the evidence then there is reason for a shadow of double regardless the scholarship of Alexander himself.

Sadly, the majority of this type of research into the Spiritual, figurative language of the Bible has either been considered a taboo subject by theologians and scholars or they have their time consumed by other “more important things,” leaving this type of study up to the ones caught up in the sciences and some of the “cultish” denominations.  Thus, when people enter a “New Age” book store they can find a multitude of books claiming to have discovered the true mystical language of the Scriptures.  However when one looks into these books it becomes obvious that what these authors have done has been to glaze over the fact that Scriptures can and do interpret themselves.  Instead they attempt to persuade people that the definitions which they have given the figurative words in the Bible, which have either been handed down to them by traditions or have imagined out of their own minds, are the true meaning of these spiritual terms.  Few, if any of the figurative, spiritual terms’ definitions from either the conservative fundamental churches or the liberal New Age movement have ever been proven to be accurate by sighting the Scriptures themselves (Except for a few organizations like the Seventh Day Adventists and the Worldwide Church of God who also admit to having only a part of the figurative language interpreted into the literal tongue).

Therefore, out of curiosity as to why the Angel of God thought it so important for the believers to understand the “language of God which is the language of dreams” when he visited me when I was seventeen and gave me my instructions for the unusual ministry I am to carry out while on this planet, I somewhat unintentionally began collecting meanings out of the Scriptures concerning what the figurative words in the Bible actually meant.  I did this not only by studying the Scriptures myself, but often by scratching notes on scraps of paper when visiting various churches or Bible Studies and stowing them away in a box or drawer forgetting they existed.

After quite some time, though all the while being a voracious reader and attempting to correlate the prophecies with history, I dug out those scraps of knowledge and began to put them in an organized fashion.  Much to my amazement these little words whose definitions had come from the widely divided denominations and sects of Christendom began to make sense when I would read the definitions in place of the words originally written by the prophet in the book of The Revelation.  However, I realized that I did not have enough of the words defined to truly make the literal meaning of that mysterious book come to light.

After finding the meaning to the prophetic definition to the figurative word “key” as meaning literally “knowledge” I was on my way.  Every spare minute I had I was asking the Holy Spirit, “What’s that?” or “What’s this mean?”  I was like a little child all over again.  I would recruit others to help with the research and they would gain the excitement with me also, often staying up all night just to find the definition of one word, until they were snared by the unbeliever’s trap of fear and doubt.  The research has been exciting.  It has kept me enthralled for the past twenty years and I dare say it will keep me interested for the next eternity.  It has opened for me a universe of which most only dream.  And yet I know that I have only scratched the surface of the knowledge available to the person who, when they are born again into the Kingdom of God, will truly become as a little child and learn the things of God.



As is common in a book of research of this sort, I feel impelled to give credit to the innumerable people who have, in various ways, contributed their valuable time and resources to the research in the preparation of this book.  To not do so would, indeed, be to leave the book incomplete.

First I wish to thank Jehovah, the God of all creation, for the opportunity to not only exist but to be considered worthy of carrying forth this message of agape love to mankind during the end of this age.  But most of all, I thank him for the gift he gave all mankind of his son, Jesus, whom he sent to be able to lead his highest creation into perfection—that is to be like him.  Without his love none of this could be possible.

Next I would like to thank Jesus, the Christ of God and the Messiah of Mankind, for accepting this most difficult of appointments of giving to us positive evidence of the power his father has over the grave.  His was a lonely trek which no one before him ever had the faith to do.  To die, with no physiological reason to believe that he could be raised; but with a faith that turned into fact he arose, victor over the grave through his father’s power.  It is this fact that has saved me, and countless others from a bottomless pit.  He, through his willing show of faith, has washed our sin of unbelief away and has rent in twain that curtain which shielded us from Truth.  That Truth being that we are the children of God.  It was he who first taught his disciples of the way to understand the parables as discoursed in this book.  Had I never met him, had I not trusted his words and been obedient to them, I surely could have never conceived of such a book as this.

It has been through the empowerment of his Holy Spirit of Truth that the rest has occurred.  I, along with Jeremiah, have experienced the blessing of knowing that the Lord knew me before I “came out of the womb” {JER 1:5).  It has been through this Holy Spirit I came to realize at an early age that the family I was in was unique.  Seldom a night was missed before my twelfth birthday that everyone in the house would gather together and have a family altar.  Though I became bitter toward my mother at a point of life for an illness beyond her control; a love and thankfulness toward her spiritual guidance shall never diminish.  She fell “asleep” many years ago, but shall never be forgotten.

I wish to sincerely thank my father, who most knew as “Ovie” but who told me he preferred his given name, Ervin, for his never wavering faith that I would end up a success in what I set out to do.  Even though clearly stated that he did not understand what I was trying to do, he told many of his pride in the fact that I had had not been as other evangelists of the age with their hands perpetually being thrust out for money.  “I’ve never seen the Lord do that,” he’d say.  I’m proud you’re following his example.”  If it were not for him it could well have taken another twenty years or longer to have completed this work.  Through all the long hours and difficult times researching and writing this book my father was a strong example to me of what my Heavenly Father is like, and that has helped pull me through the toughest of times.

My sister, Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann), who has consistently encouraged my writing skills even when English teachers gave up; and my brother Fred, who has been a model of success for me, have contributed, in their own ways to the completion of this book as have the rest of the family of which I am so proudly a member.  Each one of them could have a story pulled out showing how they’ve helped; but space does not permit it here.

I wish to thank also the men and women of faith who have encourage me on this research throughout the years.  The home teaches of one church who, though I dismissed them when I saw a fallacy in their teachings at twelve years of age, taught me the value of accurate Bible study and its application to daily life.  Thanks also goes to the Rev. Dr. Page of Kansas City, a professor at a Bible College there who taught me many things about Scripture privately.  Sandy (my ex-wife) introduced me to the the Jesus People in Kansas City whose fellowship years were possibly the most joyous of my life thus far.  Thanks also goes to the Rev. Ivan Wayne Ellis and members of the now defunct Midwest Gospel Express Band of King City, Missouri and the Rev. Dr. Daniel Griffin; the members of the Baptist Student Union of the Northwest Missouri State University, and all of the others who the Lord has brought across my path to help bring my research into fruition.

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Elsie Trimble for allowing me to tell of her dream which confirmed my work on this book.  She had never before allowed anyone to know of this incident nor her thoughts of it.  And it is also important for me to the thank the several students from Bible studies led by me who became excited about this theory and spend uncountable hours searching for the meanings of various words.  Thanks must also be said to the editors of Zondervan Publishing Company who have permitted me to use the New International Version of the Bible as part of my work.  And, without a doubt, a special word of thanks must be given to the numerous typists and secretaries who have stained their eyes and imaginations trying to decipher my handwriting to get my book into a readable form.  Without these, and countless other yet unmentioned people’s assistance this book would have remained incomplete much longer.

And finally I want to thank my grandmother whose spirit has returned to the Lord, but whose memory shall never depart from me.  I speak of her last not because she is least, but because she is great.  She wanted my father to be a preacher.  Though a Godly man, he never preached in any way other than living a life of what I believe to be a righteous man.  One night, with hope in her eyes, Grandmother looked me in the eyes and said, “maybe you’ll be my preacher-man.”  So be it.

Web EditionIntroduction

Okay, it’s time for an update.  I first published the first printing of this work  in 1988, over 30 years ago. It was in a crude loose-leaf format and I typeset it on an early Smith-Corona word processor with long hours of frustration and eye strain. I gave several copies of the resulting 500 plus page book to friends and relatives who became lost in its voluminous verbiage and since my weakest point in business management has always been marketing, the book saw no sales. But the primary goal of the initial publication of my book which I called: What the Righteous Desire to See had been met. The book was published before the Iron Curtain in Germany was torn down. My evidence that this is, indeed, my work completed and published before 1988 is therefore my Library of Congress catalogue number and those who have had copies of it since that date.

This evidence is important because I make claims in this book which could seem presumptuous and even possibly written after the fact of them already having occurred. But I assure you, through the evidence just mentioned, they were not. This Web edition, which is being published by the technologically advanced methods of computer technology and the internet,  is the same book as I first published over 30 years ago. However I’ve turned it into a Web based collection of spiritual lessons as a part of a larger set which I call “The Espirational Lessons of Truth.” Along with that I’ve taken the time to read and edit the grammar and spelling, and due to the technological advances, the publication is much more readable and understandable.

Book one explains how I discovered the allegorical definitions of the parabolic and prophetic language contained within the Christian/Hebraic Holy Scriptures. Book two is a dictionary of figurative terms and what the writers of the scriptures say they mean, along with notations as to where in the Holy Bible these definitions can be found and the reasoning behind these meanings.  There are enough words defined literally to be able to “translate” or transliterate the complete book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, the Apostle.

Book three, which is, indeed, The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, the Apostle, transliterated. This is a careful, word for word, substitution of the literal language for the original figurative language found in the King James Authorized Version of the Holy Bible. Book Four is republication of my historical commentary for the book of The Revelation, where I show how prophecy has, or will, fit into Earthly history, evidence by the events as recorded in history.

Further volumes are hoped for in the future where I hope to put out a future Revealed volume on Jesus’ parables, Old Testament parables, Song of Solomon, Minor Prophets, and others — time permitting. But for now, I’m concentrating on getting this knowledge out to the seekers of truth to reveal to everyone how Jesus intended for his truth to set us all free.

Special thanks goes to my wife, Rogene, who has willfully spent many hours typing the original manuscript of these books into our computer. She did this though she does not enjoy typing or editing, since I could not see to do so myself due to the development of significant eye problems a few years ago. This special lady has traveled a long and sometimes treacherous road in her spiritual life to become the  strong spiritual woman she is today. Thank you Genie.

And thank you, my readers for taking the time to read this work. I hope it will help you in your spiritual journey. If you have comments, or see something like a spelling, grammatical or historical error, please feel free to contact me via the contact form provided on


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