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(Note: This is the bibliography of the work called What the Righteous Desire to See and the Prophet’s Dictionary. It is placed here separately online for ease of use.)


Annotated Bibliography

In this annotated bibliography the author has chosen to not make his own comments about the books he used in his research; instead he has allowed authors of those materials, as much as possible, to describe their own books by quoting the whole of the Title Pages of those works.  This listing is alphabetical according to their acronym code. For the reader’s convenience, book titles appearing in blue in this list are links to the Espirational Bookstore where a copy of a similar, newer edition of the book listed here may be purchased. Since the newer edition may or may not be published by the same publishing house it has been assumed that no changes in content has been made by the newer publishers unless they so state. Hopefully this will save you time looking for that book if you want to study that resource more. Book titles printed in black are those not included in the bookstore at this time, or are materials with no current availability or are out of print. We will continue to attempt to make such materials available to you, our readers, or you could contact your local library for such resources.

>(AAE)  Academic American Encyclopedia; Groller Incorporated; Danbury, Connecticut; 1985.

(AAG)  Addington, Jack Ensing;  All About Goals and How to Use Them; DeVores and Company; Marina Delray, California; 1977.

>(ABC)  The Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course; Richard H. Sediacik, ed.; The Worldwide Church of God, in Cooperation with the Ambassador College; Pasadena, California; 1985;  (Course is free for the asking by writing to the above address; free will offerings’ accepted to cover costs.

(ABL)  Atlas of the Bible Lands; “Time Chart of Bible History”; front and back covers:  C.S. Mannoond and Company;  New York, NY: 1959.

(AHN)   Is The Antichrist Here Now?, Ray Braubakers, Out of Print; referred to by Dr. Mary Steward Relfe in The New Money System—666 (NMS), (out of print, not available in bookstore).

 (BFP)  Woodward, Ernest L., and Rohanbultar. Eds.; Documents on British Foreign Policy— 1919-1939, London, England; 1946.

(CCB)  Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments, Alexander Cruden, Zondervan Publishing House: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

>(CGC)  Wilson, Clifford; Crash Go the Chariots (An Alternative to Chariots of the Gods);  Zondervan Publishing House;  Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1968.

>(CGF)  Lindsay, Gordon;  Charles G. Finney—Prince of Evangelists (Men who Change the World Series); Christ for the Nations; Dallas, Texas; 1972.

>(COG)  Von Daniken, Eric; Chariots of the Gods?; Bantam Books; New York, New York; 1969.

(*CRB)  Thompson’s Chain Reference Bible (Authorized [King James} Version, Frank Charles Thompson, Fourth Edition, B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company, Incorporated, Indianapolis, Indiana.

>>(CRG)  Aggert, Otis J., and Elbert R. Bowen;  Communicative Reading;  The Macmillan Company; New York, New York; 1963).

>(CTT)  McKeaver, Jim; Christians Will Go Through The Tribulation (and How to Prepare for It); Omega Publishing; Medford, Oregon; 1978.

(DDB)   Davis Dictionary of the Bible, J.D. Davis, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1973.

>(DLS)  Rothermel, Jerry;  Dreams—Language of the Soul; School of Metaphysics; Springfield, Missouri; 1978.

>(ECB)  Strong, James, S.T.D., LL.D; The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Showing Every Word of the Text of the Common English Version of the Canonical Books, and Every Occurrence of Each Word in Regular Order; Together with a Key-Word Comparison of the Selected Words and Phrases in the King James Version with Five Leading Contemporary Translations also brief Dictionaries of the Hebrew and Greek Words of the original, with References to the English Words:); Abingdon; Nashville, Tennessee; 1890 (key words – 1990).

(gdt)  Greek Dictionary of the New Testament

(hcd)  Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary

>(EDT)  Evangelical Dictionary of Theology; edited by Walter  A. Elwell; Baker Book House; Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1984.

>EDV)  McDowell, Josh; Evidence that Demands a Verdict (Historical Evidence for the Christian Faith); Campus Crusade for Christ; U.S.A.; 1977.

>(EKS)  Edge, Henry Travis; Esoteric Keys to the Christian Scriptures (and the Universal Language of Myth and Symbol); Point Loma Publications, Incorporated; San Diego, California; 1973.

(ESS)  Roberts; Archibald E., Lt. Col, AUS. Ret.; The Emerging Struggle of State Rights; Betty Ross Press; 480 Savings Building, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80521; 1979.

>(EUN)  Everyman’s United Nations;  (The Structure, Functions and Work of the Organization and its Related Agencies During the Years 1945-1962 and a United Nations Chronology for 1963); Seventh Edition; United Nations; New York, New York;  1964.

>(FRS)  The Federal Reserve System (Purposes and Functions); Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; 1961.

>(FOX)  Fox (e), John;  Fox’s Book of Martyrs (A History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths of the Early Christian and Protestant Martyrs); William Bryon Forbush, ed.; Zondervan Publishing House; Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1975.

>(FSS)  Bacchiocchi, Samuele;  From Sabbath to Sunday (A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity);  The Pontifical Gregorian University Press; Rome, Italy; 1975, 1977, 1985; (Last known outlet for this book was Biblical Perspectives, 230 Lisa Lane, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 49103; priced at $12.95 in 1986).

>(FTT)  The Four Translation New Testament (King James; New American Standard Bible; Williams—In the Language of the People; Beck—In the Language of Today); The Iverson Associates; New York, New York; 1966.

>(FWE)  Funk and Wagnall’s Standard Reference Encyclopedia;  Joseph Laffan Morse, ed. In chief; Standard Reference Library, Incorporated; New York, New York; Copyrighted by Reader’s Digest Books, 1969.

>(GLF)  Sanford, John A.; Dreams — God’s Forgotten Language; J.B. Lippincott Company; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 1968.

(gdt)  see: (ECB)

>(GNT)  Berry, George, Ph.D.;  The Interlinear Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament (With the Authorized Version Conveniently Presented in the Margins for Ready Referenc and the Various Readings of the Edition of Eizevir 1624, Griesbach, Lachman, Tischendorf, Tregelies, Alford & Wordsworth;  To Which has been Added a New Greek-English Lexicon Supplemented by a Chapter Elucidating the Synonyms of the New Testament, with a Complete Index to the Synonms);  Zondervan Publishing House; Grand Rapitd, Michigan; 1977.

(hcd) see  (ECB)

>(HDF)  Gibbon,  The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

>(HID)  Thurston, Mark A., Ph.D.;  How to Interpret Your Dreams  (Practical Techniques Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings);  A.R.E.  Press;  Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1978.

>(ITR)  Speer, Albert;  Inside the Third Reich;  The Macmillan Company;  New York, New York; 1970.

>(ITS)  Conner, Kevin J.;  Interpreting the Symbols and Types;  Portland, Oregon;  1980; (known to be available last at the Bible and Gift Shope7545 Northeast Gilsan, Portland, Oregon, 97213, in 1973).

>(JCW)  Josephus, Flavius;  Josephus Complete Works  (Includes:  Life of Flavius Josephus [loj];  The Antiquities of the Jews [woj];  Discourse Concerning Hades [dch];  Seven Dissertations [s7d];  List of Ancient Testimonies and Records Cited by Josephus [atr]; Tests of the Old Testament Parallel to Josephus’  Histories [otp];  19 full page illustrations);  translated by William Whiston;  Kregal Publications; Grand Rapids, Michigan;  1960.

>(JWT)  Sergeant, Lewis;  John Wycliff  (Last of the English Schoolmen and Frist of the Reformers);  Heroes of History Series;  G.P. Putman’s Sons;  New York, New York;  1892.

>(KJV)  The Authorized (King James)  Version of the Holy Bible;  The editions used in this book are the ones found in both the Thompson’s Chain Reference Bible (CRB), and the Self-Pronouncing Edition (of) The Holy Bible (SPE);  The KJV  is currently public domain material.  Below appears a listing of the acronyms of the various “books” of the Bible as they appear in this book for all interpretative variations.

(KSN)   Keys to Scripture Numerics, Ed F. Vallowe, Evangelistic Association, Forest Park, Georgia, 1974.

(LAE)  Armstrong, Garner Ted and Eugene M. Walter; “Lent, Ashes, Easter, Rabbits and Eggs…What’s it All About?  The Plain Truth;  April/May, 1976

>(LAV )  Literal Authorized Version of The Revelation, Ed. R.O. Robbins, Part 3 of book called What the Righteous Desire to See: The Revelation Revealed and the Prophet’s Dictionary, E.T.M. Publishing, 1988.

>(LGP)  Lindsay, Hal, and C.C. Carlson;  The Late Great Planet Earth;  Zondervan Publishing House;  Grand Rapids, Michigan;  1970.

(LOP)  The Bible in the Language of Today Version; see; (FTT) for citing.

(LOT)  The Bible in the Language of the People Version;  see; (FTT) for citing.

>(MBD)  Metaphysical Bible Dictionary;  Unity School of Christianity;  Unity Village, Missouri; compiled and first published in 1931 by Charles Filmore’s students, no copyright date.

>(MTB)  Swartz, David Joseph;  The Magic of Thinking Big;  Cornerstone Library; New York, New York; 1965.

>(NIV)  The Thompson’s Chain Reference Bible—New International Version (The Old Testament and the New Testament, Thompson’s Original and Complete System of Bible Study;  A complete numerical system of chain references, analysis of books, outline studies of characters and unique charts, with pictorial maps and archaeological discoveries);  compiled and edited by Frank Charles Thompson; co-pub. By B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company Incorporated, Indianapolis, Indiana and Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1983; (See LKV for specific Bible book acronyms).

(NIV)   New International Version of the Holy Bible, The Thompson’s Chain Reference Bible, Frank Charles Thompson, co-published by B.B. Kirkbride and Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1983. (Quoted extensively in this series by written permission given by Zondervan management.)

>(NMS)  The New Money System—666,   Mary Steward Relfe, Ministries, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama, 1982), (out of print, not available in bookstore).

>(NTB)   Nave’s Topical Bible, Orville J. Nave, The Southwestern Company, Nashville, Tennessee, 1962.

(NUS)  Dahl, Mikkel: Number Symbolism; Shepardsfield (Press); Rural Route 4, Box 395, Fulton, Missouri, 65251 – (address as of 1st Edition publication date), (copyrighted by Mikkel Dahl, 1982); at the time of original publication of this manuscript copies available free on request by writing to the above address; however those who are able to do so are asked to send a $3.00 donation to cover the costs of printing, handling and shipping.—copies may be available on line now, which has not been verified.

>(ODQ)  The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations;  Third Edition; Oxford University Press;  current edition published by the Book Club Associates.  1980.

>(PAK)  White, Ellen O.;  The Story of Prophets and Kings (As Illustrated in the Captivity and Restoration of Israel);  Published jointly by :  Pacific Press Publishing Association, Mountain View, California, Omaha, Nebraska, Oshava, Ontario, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Nashville, Tennessee;  Copyright 1943 by the Ellen G. While Publications.

>(PAM)  Morgan, G. Campbell, D.D.; The Parables and Metaphors of Our Lord;  Fleming H. Revell Company; Old Tappen, New Jersey, 1953.

>(PIH)  Holland, DeWitte, editor;  Preaching in American History (Selected Issues in the American Pulpit, 1630-1967;  Prepared Under the Auspices of the Speech Association of America);  Abingdon Press;  Nashville, Tennessee; 1969.

>(PLG)  From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained;  Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.  International Bible Students Association;  Brooklyn, New York:  Copyright 1958 by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

>(RCW)  Creme, Benjamin;  The Reappearance of The Christ and the Masters of Wisdom;  Tara Center;  North Hollywood, California, U.S.A.; 1980.

(RIA)  Religion in America:  “The Gallup Opinion Index – 1981”; Report #164;  The Gallup Organization, Inc. and The Princeton Religion Research Center, inc.;  Princeton, Ne Jersey;  January, 1981.

>(RTC)  Bailey, Alice A.;  The Reappearance of The Christ; Lucis Publishing Company;  New York, Ney York; 1948, 1978.

(SCC)   The (Strong’)s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, James Strong, Abingdon, Nashville, Tennessee, 1890 (key word-1980), (out of print, not available in bookstore).

>(SGL)  Rawlinson, George, M.A.;  The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient World;  Vol. II of three;  The Nottingham Society; New York, New York; (see SGM for copyright and availability information of Rawlinson books).

>(SGM)  Rawlinson, George, M.A.;  The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient World;  Vol. I of three;  The Nottingham Society; New York, New York; ( No copyright date listed, publication date unknown, around 1900;  only known copy owened by the St. Josephy Public Library, St. Joseph, Missouri in 1979).

(SLB)  Street, Noel;  The Secret Language of the Bible;  Lotus Healing Sanctuary, “Springtime”;  Lotus Ashram, Inc.;  Chillicothe, Ohio, 1972.

(SML)  Meredith, Scott;  (Paid review of early version of the Revelation Revealed and the Prophets’ Dictionary.  (Original letter is kept in a safe depoisit box and is available for public viewing by appointment only, Contact publisher for details.)

>(SNT)  Treach, Richard Chenevix, D.D.;  Synonyms of the New Testament (Studies in the Greek New Testament);  William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company;  Grand Rapids, Michigan;  1983;  (Publishers note:  “This printing is a reproduction of the sixth edition published in Long in 1880*).

>>(SOD)  Ravenscroft, Trevor;  The Spear of Destiny (The Occult Power Behind the Spear Which Pierce the Sid of Christ);  G.P. Putman’s Sons, New York, New York; 1973.

>(SPE)  Self-Pronouncing Edition, The Holy Bible  (Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised;  Authorized King James Version.  With all proper names divided into syllables accented and marked with the vowel sound showing how they should be pronounced);  The World Publishing Company;  Cleveland, Ohio, and New York, New Yore;  non copyright date; (see KJV for individual Bible book entries).

>(STB)  Morgenthou, Henry, Ambassador;  Secrets of the Bosphorus;  London:  Hutchinson & Company, Palernoster Row, Anchor Press, Ltd.;  Tiptrie, Essex, England;  no copyright date, preface dated 1918.

>(SUR)  Arberry, Litt D., F.B.A.;  The Koran Interpreted (Suras);  Vol. I and II;  The Macmillan Company; New York, New York;  1955.

(STD)  Rothermel, Jerry L.;  Symbols of Dreams;  School of Metaphysics;  Springfield, Missouri;  1981.

>(TCG)  Saint Augustine;  The City of God (An Abridged Version from the Translation by Gerald G. Walsh, S.J.;  and Daniel J. Honon:  With a Condensation of the Original Forward by Etienne Gilson);  Vernon J. Bourke, editor;  Image Books;  Garden City, New York;  1958.

>(TBR)  McConkey, James H.;  The Book of Revelation (A Series of Outline Studies in the Apocalypse);  Silver Publishing Company;  Pittsburg, Pennsylvaina;  1921.

(TCM )  The Center Magazine;  Vol III, No. 5; Sept./Oct. 1970.

(TEO)  Lucas, Jerry, and Del Washburn; Theomatics; (God’s best kept secret revealed); Stein and Day; New York, New York; copyrighted by Jerry Lucas and Del Washburn, 1977.

(TGL)  White, Ellen G.; The Triumph of God’s Love, (The Story of the vindication of the Character of God and the Salvation of Mankind—this book is also published under the title of The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan. The page numbers for the second title are shown in brackets in this series of research books’ text { }.) Pacific Press Publishing Association; Mountain View, California; 1939.

>(TGR)  Hoffman, Jay Milton, Ph.D.; The Missing Link (in the Medical Curriculum Which is Food Chemistry is its Relationship to Body Chemistry – a Ready Guide to Nutition and Health);  Pressionaly Press Publishing;  Valley Center, California; 1981, 1982.

>(TNM)  Nicoll, Maurice, B.A., M.B., M.D., C.S., C.R.C.P.;  The New Man (An Interpretation of Some Parables and Miracles of Christ);  Penguin Books; New Your, New York; 1981.

(TRH)  The Roman History of Ammanus Marcellinus  (During the Reigns of the Emperors Constantius, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens);  translated by C.D. Yonge; George Bell and Sons;  York Street, Convent Gardens; London; 1887.  

>(TRJ)  Barclay, William; The Daily Study Bible; “The Revelation of John”;  Vol. I & II;  The Westminster Press;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  1960.

(TSG)  Porter, James L.;  The Sabbaths of God (The Meaning of God’s Holy Days to Christians);  Exposition Press;  New York, New York;  1966.

>(TSM)  Temple, Robert K.G.;  The Serius Mystery (Illustrated with Plates and Diagrams);  St. Martin’s Press; New York, New York; 1976.

>(TUR)  Davison, Roderic H.;  Turkey (The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective [Series]);  Prentice-Hall, Incorporated;  Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; 1968.

(UBH)   Unger’s Bible Handbook, Merrill F. Unger, Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1967.

(UDP) Anderson, Roy Allen; Unfolding Daniel’s Prophecies; Pacific Press Publishing Association; Mountain View, California; 1975.

>(USC)  The Constitution of Our Untied States  (also :The Declaration of Independence” and “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”):  Rand McNally  and Company;  Chicago, Illinois;  1936 (1941` edition).

(UTR)  Anderson, Roy Allen; Unfolding the Revelation (Revised; Evangelistic Studies for Public Presentation); Pacific Press Publishing Association; Mountain View, California; 1974.

>(WD)   Webster’s Dictionary   (Reference is general without indication of specific edition.)

>(WGH)  Stedman, Ray C.;  What on Earth’s Going to Happen; G/L Regal Books, A Division of G/L Publications;  Glendale, California;  1970.

>(WOJ)   Complete Works of Flavius Josephus, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pub.: 1867 & 1960.

Bible Book Titles Acronyms

ACT—The Acts of the ApostlesJAM—JAMesNEH—NEHemiah
1CH—1 CHroniclesJOB—JOBOBA—OBAdiah
2CH—2 CHroniclesJOE—JOEl1PE—1 PEter
COL—COLossiansJOH—JOHn2PE—2 Peter
1CO—1 COrinthians1JO—1 JohnPHI—PHIlemon
2CO—2 Corinthians2JO—2 JOhnPHL—PhiLippians
DAN—DANiel3JO—3 JohnPRO—PROverbs
EXO—EXOdus1KI—1Kings1SA—1 SAmuel
EZE—EZEkiel2KI—2 Kings2SA—2 SAmuel
EZR—EZRaLAM—LAMentationsSOS—Song Of Solomon
GAL—GALatiansLEV—LEViticus1TH—1 THessalonians
GEN—GENisisLUK—LUKe2TH—2 Thessalonians
HAG—HAGgaiMAR—MARk2TI—2 Timothy

NOTE: Underlined book titles in this glossary indicate that title was able to be found in the online book list in 2016.

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