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A Maintenance Manuel for the Soul?

By: Robert O. & Rogene A. Robbins

Ever hear someone say, “If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself”? Well, people are living longer than we ever have in historical records (other than the Old Testament Hebraic Bible). Are you taking care of your body, your spirit, your soul?

I’ve spent my life trying to learn how to take care of my God given Earthly vehicle called the human body, mind and spirit — the human soul. This book is based on years of research into the spiritual teachings of the world’s religions like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and others as well as what our modern sciences has proven are ways to improve our health.

We are giving you this book free due to its importance to all of us. All we ask is that you let others know about it or give copies of it to your friends and relatives, without charge.

We hope you find this book helpful in your quest for health and a fulfilling life, I’m looking forward to reading your comments about it and our progress toward building a better world for us all after you have read it. Please leave your comments about the book.

You can read this book free by clicking this link:

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A Maintenance Manuel for the Soul

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