Archived Art

Items below are from Rogene’s collection which have been sold through the years. Their pictures are stored here for your viewing pleasure. All art is original, hand sewn items, copies will not be made. If you see something you want in our gallery, we suggest you purchase it now before someone else does.

NOTE: If you know the name of a specific item of Genie’s work you want to view  which has already been sold or is in her private collection, simply use <Ctrl F> search mode and start typing the title of the work. If the item is in this Archived collection it will come up in front of you here.

(UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Sorry for our dust. Pictures coming soon.)


“Light Walker”

Wall Hanging sold in 2018

“Arizona Sunset”

Small picture sold in 2006.

“Carousel of Time”

Wall hanging — Private Collection.


“Holiday Snowman”

Postcard sold on 2018-11-03


Journal #1 – Sold on 2018-11-03

Journal #2 – Sold on 2018-11-03

“Out of the Block”

Wall hanging sold in 2008  Out-of-the-Block-2.png

“Pelican Enjoying the Beach”

Wall hanging sold in 2018.


“Pelican Parade”

Wall hanging sold on 2018-11-03.


“Rocky Mountain Skyline”

Wall hanging sold in 2005.

Rocky Mountain Skyline

Shine #2 – Small picture sold on 2018-11-03


“Yellow Submarine Fantasy”

Wall hanging sold in 2006.


“Where’s the Grand Canyon?”

Fabric postcard sold in 2009.

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